5 Super-Fun Outdoor Activities

5 Super-Fun Outdoor Activities

5 Super-Fun Outdoor Activities

Tired of hearing “I’m bored” or “There’s nothing to do”? Yep, we hear you. There’s no better way to beat the summer break blues than by going outside for a little fun in the sun! The great outdoors is an instant mood booster and can help little ones who are feeling cooped up. But what to do when they tire of hopscotch and jump rope? No worries, we’ve got you covered with 5 super-fun activities you can do outside.



Go on a nature adventure!

Open up a reusable backpack of 14 fun nature activities! From bug mobiles to an animal tracks memory game and a scavenger hunt to keep little bodies moving, you’ll get in touch with Mother Nature and experience hands-on learning. STEM activities are fun when you can see them in action — like making a beehive and watching how the bees live! The great outdoors offers endless adventures!




Try some radically rainbow tie-dye!

Sure, you can do tie-dye inside, but who wants to stifle their creativity in fear of a mess? Take this 2-in-1 tie-dye bundle outside and let your inner artist soar — with 16 bottles of dye, there’s not only enough to customize up to 36 projects, but also enough for a tie-dye party with friends! Try different designs, like swirls and twists and a sunburst to match the one in the sky — clean-up is easy-peasy when you’re working outside. Plus, being outdoors, along with the freedom of expression that comes with tie-dyeing, is great for mental health. It’s good vibes only this summer, friends!




Discover a new twist on rock painting!

Who doesn’t love rock art?! Well, listen up — we’ve got an even cooler rock painting activity… It’s pour paint, and it’s putting an out-of-this-world spin on classic rock art. Add your colors to the provided cups, then pour onto 15 smooth stones for marbleized swirls like you’ve never seen before. More fun for kids, less mess for parents — it’s a win-win! Extend the outdoor fun when you hide your mini masterpieces around your neighborhood or use them to decorate your garden. Pour paint rock art is such a blast, kids will ask to do it over and over again… Which means more time outside!




Build your own birdhouse!

Did you know certain birds are attracted to certain colors? See which ones you attract when you build and paint your own birdhouse! Don’t get your feathers all ruffled — this wooden birdhouse pops together with just a little bit of glue… No tools required. Customize with paints and decorate it however you want — with a house this cool, all the birdies will want to come visit. Head on outside to hang it from a tree branch or attach it to a birdhouse pole — let your little one help decide the perfect place, then sit back and enjoy some birdwatching together.




Stay hydrated!

Kids can be reluctant to get out from behind screens, but once you get them outside, it’s important to keep them hydrated. One way to get them excited: let them decorate their own Bluey water bottle — hooray! With removable stickers depicting outdoor scenes like camping and surfing, Bluey and her friends are an easy way to encourage activities away from the TV. Take this BPA-free water bottle on the go for hikes, to sports or even to the pool. Ready, set, Goanna!



So, the next time you hear, “What can I doooooo?” turn to our trusty list of outdoor activity ideas to get a little sunshine (with sunscreen, of course!), encourage critical thinking, strengthen fine motor skills and most of all, have FUN. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram or Facebook to show us how much fun you’re having outside all year round!