Partnership Programs

Partnership Programs

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Our Influencer Partnership opportunity is flexible to fit any influencer’s style and expertise!

  • For more information about working with us, check out our Media Kit!

Media Kit

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What age does my child need to be?
We recommend 4 years & up!

How long does the Partnership last?
From the time you sign the Partnership Agreement until the end of the calendar year! Some partners will be invited to re-sign for the next calendar year at the end of each calendar year.

How often can I expect to receive product?
We send our Happy Mail packages 3-4 times a year! We’ll send out a calendar for your reference.

How many products can I expect in my Happy Mail package? I have 2 or more children, will I receive enough product for all of them?
We try to send at least 3-4 products per package, sometimes, we’ll throw in something extra just because.

Will I be able to choose what items I get in my Happy Mail package?
At this time, we cannot accommodate selective mailings for each partner.

How do you choose which items are sent in the Happy Mail packages?
Items are chosen based on product launches, PR directives, and seasons. We try to select things that everyone can enjoy.

Do you offer compensation for posts?
At this time, we do not offer compensation. Our programs are based on a product-for-content basis.

Should I be using a specific tag and/or hashtag when posting?
Please tag us @HorizonGroupUSA and hashtag #HGUHappyMail.

When should I post Happy Mail content?
We ask that Happy Mail be posted within three months of receiving your package or before the next mailer is set to be sent out – refer to the Happy Mail calendar we send out.

What happens if I don’t post the Happy Mail mailing or forget?
If you forget to post your Happy Mail more than once, we reserve the right to terminate our partnership contract.

I need to update my mailing address; how do I do that?
Email us at [email protected]!