12 Must-Have School Supplies

12 Must-Have School Supplies

12 Must-Have School Supplies

Get ready to dive into a world of creativity and excitement — we’re gearing up for back-to-school season once again! Whether you’re a diligent student or a crafty connoisseur, there’s an undeniable charm in decking out your academic arsenal. From charming planners and colorful pens to creative ways to personalize school supplies, we’ve got your shopping list covered — including fun ways to add a touch of magic to your daily routine once you’re back in class. Let’s get back to cool!

From elementary to high school, decking out your locker is like creating a mini haven of personality and inspiration between classes — it’s a chance to express yourself and keep those spirits high throughout the day! Transform yours into a canvas of creativity with these three sets: 


Made by Me Paintable Magnetic Tiles

With a dozen ceramic tiles and acrylic paints, it’s easy to create your own mini masterpieces to display inside your locker — or share with friends! Paint them any way you wish, then use them to hold up pictures and papers or just to decorate your space!





STMT DIY Disco Décor

Who says you can’t have a disco dance party at school?! This DIY disco ball décor set has everything you need to create 3 shiny accessories, including a disco ball, heart, and ice cream come, to hang inside your locker or attach to keys or backpack.






Made by Me Window Art

Suncatchers aren’t just for windows! The Made by Me suncatcher kit comes with suction cups, which means you can hang yours anywhere — even inside your locker! Create your own suncatchers for a mesmerizing burst of color and light that’ll brighten up your school days.


Some of the most important items on everyone’s back-to-school shopping list are classic supplies, like pens and notes. This year, give those classics a creative twist!

Hello Kitty & Friends Novelty Pens

Taking notes is much more fun when you’re doing it with super cute Hello Kitty & Friends pens! From My Melody and Keroppi to Kurmoi and Hello Kitty herself, these pens don’t just bring a touch of cuteness to your school supplies — they make writing a joyful experience that adds a playful twist to everyday tasks!





STMT DIY Journals & Planners

Staying on your A-game is easy when you have a STMT journal, planner, or agenda in your backpack. From scheduling classes and deadline reminders to jotting down creative ideas, these customizable companions are designed to keep you on track while unleashing your creative spirit. That means you can ace your plans and your personal flair all year long!




Hello Kitty & Just My Style Sticker Books

Turn ordinary into extraordinary one sticker at a time! Whether you customize your journals and pencil cases with Hello Kitty cuteness or give your laptops and water bottles a makeover with 1,100 vinyl designs, these sticker books are must-haves for adding instant fun to your school supplies.




Barbie Water Bottle

This Barbie stays hydrated! The reusable, BPA-free Barbie Water Bottle doesn’t just make it easy to remember to drink water throughout the day — it also lets you flaunt your true colors! Color and customize the pre-printed designs with markers, add gemstones for sparkle, and keep it by your side using the convenient carabiner clip you can affix to backpacks, totes, and more.


Discover how a creative twist on standard classroom materials can turn the mundane into the marvelous, making every moment in the classroom a little more fun for teachers and students alike!

Made by Me Paintable Ceramic Pottery

Say goodbye to boring pencil cases! Paint Your Own Ceramic Pottery set and transform 4 ceramics into one-of-a-kind school supplies. Mix & match 12 vibrant acrylic paints to add your unique touch onto a bowl, flowerpot, vase, and dome, then use each to hold classroom supplies like pencils, dry-erase markers, paperclips, and more!



Glitter Shakers

We know what you’re thinking… Glitter. Gets. Everywhere! So why should these be in the classroom? Our glitter shakers come inside a tube with a swiveling cap, which means they’re spill-free, and you’re always in control of the sparkle. From embellishing assignments to customizing school gear or even arts & crafts in class, these glitter shakers let your imagination shine without the chaos or the mess. Plus, they’re super easy to store!


Teacher’s Toolbox Sort & Store Totes

It’s easy to create clutter once you’re in the swing of the school year. Keep your space organized and tidy with this 4-pack of colorful nylon totes — a versatile essential for both classroom and at-home settings. With handles, self-fastening enclosures, and transparent panels, these totes offer easy organization and quick identification of contents, whether you’re transporting supplies between classes or keeping your dorm space tidy and functional.

Having tools that help you capture memories throughout the school year is like freezing time in a bottle — it allows you to cherish the moments, milestones, and friendships that shape your educational journey. Create a treasure trove of nostalgia you can revisit and share for years to come with two of our favorite memory makers!

DIY Foam Picture Frame Craft Kit

Discover an imaginative way to frame cherished back-to-school (or any!) moments! Complete with 12 perfectly sized squishy foam frames, punch-out sticker shapes, and even an easel — this craft kit lets you create personalized keepsakes to display on desks and other hard surfaces. You can even adorn them with magnets for a touch of nostalgia in lockers, on fridges, and more!


First & Last Day of School Chalkboard

The first day back is just as special as the last, and this reversible chalkboard sign lets you remember them both forever! Use standard chalk to fill out the prompts on both sides of the reusable board for “my first day of” and “my last day of” — including age, grade, school, teacher, and more. After filling it out, hide your tears and whip out your camera to capture the milestone, then do it all over again next year!




As you step into the upcoming school year, remember that your journey is more than just textbooks and classrooms — it’s a canvas waiting for your creative brushstrokes. From dazzling locker transformations to personalized school supplies, we hope these creative sparks light the way as you navigate each new chapter!

Share with us how you’re transforming your educational adventure into a masterpiece that’s truly your own — snap a photo for Instagram and tag us @HorizonGroupUSA for the chance to be featured on our page! Happy back-to-school crafting!