Screen-Free Activities for Kids

Screen-Free Activities for Kids

Screen-Free Activities for Kids

Let’s be honest — technology is great, and it certainly has a place in today’s world. But too much screen time has its downsides, especially for kids. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite activity kits as the perfect way to unplug, imagine, create, and explore. Check ‘em out to make your home a device-free zone (at least for a couple of hours!).


Design + Create with Air-Dry Clay

Sculpting is even more fun when you’re working with super squishy, zero-mess clay! Discover all the sensory feels with 12 vibrant, pre-textured air-dry clays and see what Mixy Squish™ creations you can make — like a vibrant marshmallow sandwich! — then watch it dry squishy and smooth for tons of pretend play.



Paint Your Favorite Four-Legged Friends

Bring your favorite on-screen characters off-screen! Paint Bluey (and Bingo too!) with this light-up figurine kit — not only is painting super fun, but the functional nightlight is the perfect bedtime buddy. Kids won’t realize they’re developing dexterity when they’re creating a pup-tastic masterpiece — hooray!



Freeze a Moment in Time

Skip the messy mixing and get straight to the fun with a ready-to-mold handprint stone. Sand Dough™ is a less-mess alternative to plaster that dries quickly, so kids can get to the painting faster! Feel the texture and explore sensory play, then display or share — handmade keepsakes make sweet gifts for Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, and every day in between.



Make Your Own Pottery

You don’t have to be an expert — or go to a studio — to create your own pottery. Just use this motorized pottery wheel, premium terra cotta clay, and sculpting tools to shape the perfect pots or dishes! No kiln? No problem! Air dry right at home, then paint to bring each piece to life. So much more fun than a movie marathon!



Explore Mother Nature

Spring is here, and summer’s right around the corner — get outside for some fresh air and discover the wonderful world around us with this nature backpack, stocked with 14 adventures and STEM activities! Go on a scavenger hunt, build a beehive, play a fun memory game and so much more…because where flowers bloom, so does imagination!



Become an Inventor

Think it. Create it. Try it! Is your little one a tinkerer? Curious how things work? Give them the perfect box of inventions to explore those critical thinking skills and build a race car, bridge, rocket ship and so much more — no YouTube required!




Seize the Clay

Looking for something for the fashionistas in your life? Look no further than DIY clay jewelry — you’ve seen it on social media, but now it’s never been easier to make it at home! From charms to rings, key chains, and even a jewelry dish, these pieces bake in the oven. While you’re waiting, plan coordinating looks with your friends, then serve the style!



Bracelets to Wear and Share

Making friendship bracelets is a classic way to pass a rainy day or summer break, and now you can create an entire collection for you and your friends. With enough rainbow threads to make 30+ custom bracelets, this kit is a no-brainer for screen-free fun — and style!



Make To-Dye-For Clothing

Who doesn’t love tie-dye?! Create even MORE with this 2-in-1 bundle, featuring 16 ready-to-use tie-dye bottles — more colors than a technicolor television! Brighten up your world (and fashion) when you dye everything from hats to shirts to socks. Live life in color!




Ready to power off and play?

Snag your favorite product (or two!) from our list, then rediscover the joys of life beyond digital entertainment. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram or Facebook so we can see how you’re spending your screen-free fun!