Just My Style™ is a brand of fashion and self-expression activities that inspire creativity through personalization for today’s tweens.


JMS encompasses all inclusive kits for jewelry making, scrapbooking, stamping, and more. The excitement starts with the box it comes in where eye-catching graphics, bold colors, an inspiring model and product images set the tone for the project inside. Whether it is jewelry making, coloring your own bag, making a scrapbook, or creating stationery, Just My Style™ offers activities to be enjoyed alone, with friends, or family.

Ultimate Scrapbook

Design a 40-page hardcover scrapbook! This kit is packed with over 700 stylin’ scrapbook accessories to make each page uniquely your own.

The kit includes:

40-page (20-sheet) scrapbook

5 Printed pages

508 Stickers

193 Punch-out shapes

Ball point pen


16 Dimensional stickers
glue stick

50 Sparkling stones

100 Sequin shapes

Easy‑to‑follow instructions

Messenger Bag

Color your own glitter messenger bag with 5 ultra bright markers!

The kit includes

Coloring glitter messenger bag

5 Designer markers

20 Peel & stick sparkling stones

Friendship Bracelets

Follow our fully-illustrated instruction booklet with 7 unique designs to create 30 bracelets to wear or share with your friends!

The kit includes

Bracelet creator tool with suction cup

14 Solid embroidery threads

6 Multi-colored embroidery threads

200 Accent beads

42 Alphabet beads

Easy‑to ‑follow instructions

 ABC Beads

Spell it, wear it, and share it with over 1,100 letter charms and beads. Enough to create over 40 unique jewelry designs.

The kit includes:

216 Alphabet beads

84 Alphabet charms

850 Accent beads

6 Skeins beading cord

2 Skeins knotting cord

2 Skeins elastic cord

Easy‑to ‑follow instructions

 11,000 Beads

Mix and match boldly colored crystal beads to create over 100 unique bracelets. The possibilities are endless!

The kit includes:

7,200 Decorative beads

3,800 Crystal accent beads elastic cord

2 Beading strings

Jewelry designer work station

Easy‑to ‑follow instructions

Paracord Loom

Create 8 trendy bracelets better and faster with the Paracord Loom. Designed for all types of clips and cords!!

The kit includes:

Paracord loom

10 Paracord skeins

3 Skeins wax beading string

3 Friendship thread skeins

Colorful ball chain

5 E-hook clips

8 Buckles

Tape roll

Fabric glue

Easy‑to ‑follow instructions


You can find these and more Just My Style™ products at the following locations:


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