9 Screen-Free Spring Activities

9 Screen-Free Spring Activities

9 Screen-Free Spring Activities

Spring is here! Bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming, and we’re itching to dust off the winter blues. There’s no better time to get outside and enjoy all that nature offers. Even better, we want to do it together! Whether you’re looking for sensory play, creative crafts, or outdoor adventures, we’ve compiled a list of spring activities to keep you and your family entertained in this glorious weather. Grab your sunscreen, and let’s go on a journey of discovery, creativity, and family fun!



1. Spread kindness & creativity!

Ready for some spring magic? Transform 3 lbs of polished rocks into fantastical goodness capable of lighting up even the darkest winter! Perfect for kids who love to create, this rock art kit is packed with vibrant paints and even glitter glue that glows in the dark. Make rock friends, paint a galaxy, or write encouraging messages like “Kindness Everywhere” to hide around the neighborhood. Get outside and spread some love!




2. A little slime, a little splash, a lot of fun!

Meet the bestie you never knew you needed: moldable sand that doesn’t dissolve in water. All the stretchy, twisty, satisfying hallmarks of slime combine with a fun, sandy texture to hold its shape both in water and out! This resealable bucket comes with 1.5 pounds of pink or blue Slimy Sand Aqua Splash for a true delight in water tables, sensory bins, or on its own! How far can you make it stretch?!


3. Go on outdoor adventures!

April showers bring May flowers… and bugs! Get outside with the Magic School Bu

s gang and see it all! Host a nature scavenger hunt, build a habitat for your favorite creepy crawlies, and even make art with nature. Learn all about the great outdoors with a fun assortment of activities perfect for curious, adventurous minds. Don’t forget the interactive guide to identify parts of a plant and document your findings!


4. Transform your garden into a unicorn world!

Mix ’em, mold ’em, watch ’em shine! Discover the fun of creating your own sparkling big gem stepping stones that’ll make any outdoor space a little extra magical! This one-of-a-kind set includes the essentials to make a butterfly and unicorn-shaped stone filled with gemstones and colors as vibrant as spring flowers! Display in potted plants, patios, terrariums, or gardens — just apply an exterior varnish to protect them from the elements.



5. Decorate your windows & have fun with the Heelers!

Let the sun in! From rainbows and donuts to Bluey and Bingo, find plenty of ways to express creativity with super cute suncatchers. Each kit comes with vibrant window paints in easy-to-use bottles for less mess and brilliant fun that lasts! Want something different? Create custom window clings on the included acetate sheets — simply trace or freehand a design, fill with paint, and let dry before sticking them directly onto windows!




6. Sprinkle some spring magic into your style!

Design 10 premium pieces of jewelry that bring in all those beachy summer vibes! With thousands of beads, from cowrie and puka shells to metallic beads and pearls, create custom bracelets that cater to any style and trend! Think seashell chains, gilded accents, and pale pinks — all perfect for spring!





7. Bring the outdoors in with a cute planter!

Spice up your plant shelves with this super cute ceramic elephant planter, perfectly sized for a companion succulent! Mix & match 6 vibrant paint colors to bring it to life. Have you ever seen a pink elephant? Now you can! With the included plastic liner, real (and faux!) plants can find their new home here. Express creativity and bring spring indoors to 1make your space pop!






8. Tie-dye your way into spring — without the mess!

Celebrate the bright colors of spring with brilliant shades of your own! This Just My Style tie-dye kit makes up to 18 designs with 7 vibrant dyes and a unique studio tool. Create bright, spring-y designs in the tool itself by poking the bottles of dye through specially designed holes! Take your tool to the back porch and be inspired by nature. Check out our tutorial for more information on how to tie-dye with all the fun & none of the mess! From totes and t-shirts to bandanas and socks and everything in between, if you can dream it, you can tie dye it!



9. Create marbled designs in perfect spring hues!

Elevate your surroundings in marble! This kit comes packed with essentials to take your pour paint game to the next level — with less mess. Use a unique 6-in-1 marbling tool and 6 vivid paint colors to create patterns in the mixing tray. Place artist-grade paper in the tray, then lift & reveal for custom works of art. Make 10 bright, one-of-a-kind projects that are perfect for framing, designing backyard BBQ invitations, or creating custom greeting cards!




Spring is the best time to embrace the outdoors and spend quality time with loved ones. With these 10 projects and activities, there is something for everyone! Express creativity, explore nature, strengthen fine motor skills, and build loving relationships while doing it. Let’s celebrate the beauty of spring and make lasting memories together! Let us know which activities your family likes best by tagging us with your creations on Instagram!