Top 10 STEM Adventures

Top 10 STEM Adventures

Top 10 STEM Adventures

Wear your thinking caps this summer and explore the world of STEM! Foster fun learning opportunities with at-home science activities and explore nature, biology, chemistry, and physics in your own backyard. Create a space to experiment at home and inspire new ideas with these must-have STEM kits!


1. Catapult Wars

Observe physics in action! Strengthen your engineering skills by building your very own catapult to explore force and motion. Strategize different angles to hit targets and challenge your friends to fun games — who can hit the target first or go the longest distance?! This kit provides hours of brain-powered fun!






2. The Young Scientists Club™ Top Secret Spy Science

Calling all junior spies — you’re on a mission to solve the case! With The Young Scientists Club Spy Science set, you’ll investigate, take notes, and discover your inner detective to track down a missing treasure chest with precious gems inside! Experience the thrill of being a super spy as you use crime-solving essentials to reveal secret notes, learn how to identify fingerprints, and process your suspects through 10 different secret missions. Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery?!



3. The Young Scientists Club™ Animal Tracks Game

Can you spot the similarities and differences between each animal’s tracks? Strengthen your biology skills and memory by matching the tracks of all kinds of animals on the cards — and learn some fun facts along the way! See how many you guess correctly, whether you play independently or with friends, then venture outside to search for tracks you may recognize!




4. Thinkbox® Prehistoric Fossil Dig

Adventure back to prehistoric times and uncover Earth’s ancient treasures right from home! From mosasaur teeth to the bones of ancient sea creatures, there are 6 real fossils hidden inside the Thinkbox Prehistoric Fossil Dig. Use the same tools as a real paleontologist, like a mallet and a chisel, to uncover them all!






5. YOUniverse® Ultimate Crystal-Growing Laboratory

Discover how art and chemistry come together to make your YOUniverse shine! Explore the science behind nucleation, molecular reactions, and the crystallization process as you grow crystals on ceramic room decor, accessories, and even fuzzy sticks! Get creative with metallic paints, coloring dyes, and beads to make each project unique to you! This STEAM kit includes a crystal-growing case for hands-on, mess-free experimentation too.




6. Thinkbox® Inventors’ Box

Unleash your inner inventor! What will you create first — a rocket ship, a self-driving car, or maybe a pinball machine? With over 700 pieces — from wheels to craft sticks, fuzzy sticks to clothespins — the possibilities are endless. Use your imagination, engineering skills, and this toolbox to create the perfect summer invention!




7. Coffee Filter Chromatography Experiment

Science can be crafty too! Use some extra coffee filters, washable markers, and a cup of water to find out how colors separate! Draw designs on the filters before submerging them in water, and watch carefully to see what happens. This quick, easy experiment tests color separation while creating cool artwork!




8. The Young Scientists Club™ STEM Cubes

Make learning early math fun! This 120-piece educational building block set features hundreds of interlocking cubes, a gameboard, and learning cards that transform educational lessons into fun-filled projects and games. Discover the building blocks of early math and learn through play!







9. The Young Scientists Club™ Future Veterinarian 

Explore all things animals with The Young Scientists Club! From discovering how to read X-rays of exotic animals and household pets to encouraging empathy and learning how to care for animals, this STEM kit is jam-packed with over 10 activities to engage little learners! Make your own stethoscope, identify organs, treat patients, learn animal anatomy, and explore your future career as a veterinarian!





10. Kinetic Sculpture: A Celestial Mobile

Discover the wonders of outer space, just like an astronomer! Download and cut the shapes from this template — then use fuzzy sticks, elastic cord, paint, and a few other household items to create the planets and stars found in our galaxy. Hang this rotating sculpture above your bed so you can always explore the sky, even on cloudy nights!




Stay cool with your STEM projects all summer long! Show us what experiments you’re testing out by snapping a photo and sharing it with us on Instagram for a shout-out!