Made By Me® products provide opportunities for quality family time while also encouraging independent play and artistic exploration for children. The line uses vibrant graphics to ignite excitement among the user whether by showing how easy it is build and paint your own bird house, or how fun it is to get your hands dirty and mold your own stepping stone. The MBM collection spans a wide array of play patterns and materials, from wood crafts, to plaster molding and ceramics, to soft crafts, painting and coloring.

Wooden Cars

With the Made by Me® Wooden Car Kit, children can build and customize their own wooden cars.

The kit includes:

3 unassembled pre-cut wooden cars

12 paint pots

3 glue pots

2 paint brushes

1 sheet of sand paper

3 cool sticker sheets

Quilt Making

This fun-filled Quilt Making Kit is sure to keep your kids busy!

The kit includes:

20 die-cut felt shapes

24 fleece squares

fabric glue

easy to follow instructions

Window Art

Create and display beautiful works of art on your windows!

The kit includes:

8 tubes of window paint

12 suncatchers transite cord

12 suction cups

1 acetate sheet

easy to follow instructions

Bead Pets

Made by Me™ Bead pets are the perfect project for an afternoon indoors for children of all ages! Makes 12 bead pets.

The kit includes:

641 pony beads

6 key rings

4 lanyard clips

20 yards of satin cord

bonus storage box for mess-free fun!

Stepping Stones

Children can create 4 beautiful stepping stones with the Made by Me™ Stepping Stone Kit.

The kit includes:

4 bags of stone mix

1 3-D molding tray

10 assorted plastic gems

10 ceramic tiles

1 sticker sheet

1 pair of gloves

1 mixing stick

1 protective mask

1 paintbrush

Easy to follow instructions

Pottery Wheel

Discover your creativity by scuplting pots, bowls and vases with this lightweight electronic Pottery Wheel. The electric foot petal makes it spin like a professional potters’ wheel!

The kit includes:

1 motorized pottery wheel with foot petal

1 paint strip

2lbs of clay

1 paintbrush

1 sponge

2 design tools

1 arm tool


You can find these and more Made By Me® products at the following locations:


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