Wear & Share the Good Vibes: Introducing Donut Worries!

Wear & Share the Good Vibes: Introducing Donut Worries!

Wear & Share the Good Vibes: Introducing Donut Worries!

You know what’s addicting (besides donuts)? Positivity! And now you can have BOTH!



Introducing Donut Worries, a collectible line of trend-inspired, customizable bracelets that allow you to create your own statement jewelry with a feel-good twist. Each kit includes the sweetest donut case you ever did see — perfect for on-the-go and storage of beads and accessories — along with everything you need to make customized positivity bracelets. Seriously, who doesn’t love a yummy, frosted donut sprinkled with uplifting affirmations? Follow your sweet tooth — c’mon, let’s take a bite out of this fun, joyful brand with four unique donut “flavors” and a super fun club you won’t want to miss.


Be Kind!

Have you heard? Kindness is the new cool! Now, you can wear that mantra on your wrist with this sweet bracelet set that spells out “KIND ALWAYS.”  Pop open the top to find alphabet letters, bright beads, and oh-so-cute charms like peace signs and bumblebees — great reminders to always :bee: kind. Then stuff your donut with words and phrases that bring you joy, and bring them wherever you go!




Shine Bright!

Dream big, sparkle more, and shine BRIGHT! With these adorable DIY bracelets, you’re the star of the show — literally — thanks to the fun star charms and alphabet letters that spell out “SHINE BRIGHT.” The rainbow donut case has everything you need to design 3 bracelets made with 100% happiness! When life gets you down, sprinkle a little stardust and remember: happy people shine the brightest.




Sunshine Vibes!

Get your daily dose of sunshine when you string together hearts, smiley faces and more! Wear these personalized bracelets and soak in “SUNSHINE VIBES” only — no cloudy days here! This super sweet set is the perfect reminder that the world’s a little brighter just because you’re in it. What’s your favorite thing about YOU?! Find it, then spread it!





Happy Day!

You know what’s the best accessory? A smile! Pop the purple top and start making your very own “SMILE” bracelet — then clip the donut case on your backpack to take it with you through the day! Leave those worries behind! Sometimes you just need to pause, breathe, and remember that good vibes begin with a smile. Ready to bring on the happy days? We’re ready to get you started!




Join the Positivity Club!


Psssst! Want to get the latest scoop? Head on over to the Donut Worries website and join the Positivity Club for endless good vibes — where we’re servin’ up weekly positive-tea, sweet special offers, exclusive new collections, and all kinds of irresistible collectibles… along with weekly reminders of kindness, gratitude and confidence! We’re sending the love and tossing positivity like confetti — come join the fun!



Donut Worries puts the power of positivity and creative expression in the hands of little jewelry makers — how awesome is that?! From the collectible cases to the cheerful charms and bright beads, this brand is designed to make you feel super sweet. Let’s wear and share the good vibes everywhere! Because happy thoughts are like donuts — you can never have too many!



Head over to Amazon to pre-order your sets and collect all 4 donuts at retailers near you in 2022! For all the super sweet deets, be sure to follow us on Instagram, and tag us in your posts so we can see all your POSITIVE-ly magical creations!