Celebrate National Craft Month with Creativity for Everyone!

Celebrate National Craft Month with Creativity for Everyone!

Celebrate National Craft Month with Creativity for Everyone!

Attention craftaholics! March is National Craft Month, and you know what that means… Time to bust out the glue gun, grab your glitter, and create something amazing! That’s right—creativity is contagious and we’re here to spread it. There’s no right or wrong time (or age) to tap into your imagination, but this month, we’re celebrating creativity…for everyone!


Imagination and creativity can change the world, so why not start young?!

Even the littlest crafters can explore a world of wonder when they use their hands (and minds!) to bring arts and crafts to life. Whether it’s mixing and squishing new compounds for hours of fun sensory play, or dreaming up their own whimsical fairytale story, watch as their faces come alive when they see their handmade masterpiece! All-inclusive activity kits are a great way to expose toddlers to a variety of play patterns—from painting to scratch art and stamps, our art sets let kids pick and choose what they want to do in the moment…because creativity is all about freedom!


Are you a right-brain or a left-brain? No matter your DNA, there’s a craft for you!

Classic craft activities like painting are even more fun when you change up the medium (no offense to good ‘ol paper!). Why not paint your own ceramic figurine, picture frame, or stepping stone? It’s not just the experience, it’s the final product—one you can display and use by giving it a special, handmade touch. Painting is a great way for kids to improve hand-eye coordination and explore self-expression—there are no mistakes in crafting, just unique creations! And for those passionately curious kiddos, STEM kits are the answer. Whether you become a budding veterinarian, go on a nature adventure, or even conduct your own mind-blowing chemistry experiments, there’s no shortage of ways to make learning FUN! Because remember, creativity is a wide-open playing field, and you just have to find the right position for you.


As we age, sometimes we look inward for self-expression, which is why artistry like journaling and mood boards are great choices for tweens.

Turn “I wish” into “I will” by manifesting dreams and visualizing all your potential! The key to crafting and creativity is to simply start—inspiration will follow. Other core elements for this age group are self-expression and building confidence. Things like personalized jewelry are an easy way to tap into originality—when you’re creating one-of-a-kind pieces, it’s a great reminder that you’re one of a kind too! Keep your hands busy and your mind clear (did someone say fidget jewelry?!), then pave the way for positive vibes…because remember: craftiness is happiness.


Established crafters may think they’ve seen it all, but the beauty of creativity is that it’s a never-ending stream and you’re just along for the ride. Why not try something new?

Maybe it’s a completely new material like resin or a geode canvas—don’t be intimidated, a huge part of artistry is about trial and error…and that’s OK! Or maybe you take classic craft materials and use them in a new, unexpected way. Sometimes surprise creations are the best creations! Does crafting fill your life? …and your closet? …and your drawers? All the more reason to dream, create, and inspire—because creativity has no age limit.


How’s your inspiration meter? Ours is off the charts!

National Craft Month is here and we hope you find the time to engage in the things you love. No matter your experience or stage in life, remember that you can’t use up creativity—the more you use, the more you have. So, do something creative today…and every day! Looking for inspiration? Head on over to the Craft Project Ideas Instagram for weekly creative challenges to help you get started—then share your masterpieces and tag us for a chance to win our giveaways AND be featured on our Instagram or Facebook pages!