Creativity You Can Feel From Your Hands to Your Heart!

Creativity You Can Feel From Your Hands to Your Heart!

Creativity You Can Feel From Your Hands to Your Heart!

At Horizon Group USA, we’re all about Creativity You Can Feel — but not just with your hands! To us, creativity is so much more than just self-expression, it’s a way to connect with others — and with ourselves. Creativity nurtures the mind in a way that makes a positive impact on our lives — it shows us the magic of our imaginations, the power of our unique abilities, and the excitement of the world around us. From mindful creativity sensory play and even mood-boosting wellness kits, experience Creativity You Can Feel through 10 of our favorite collections!


MoodJoy Makes Self-Care Simple


Calm the Chaos with Artiscapes

  • Reduce stress, enhance focus, be present, practice patience — these are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy when you paint by numbers with Artiscapes. Every premium, pre-printed canvas in this whimsical collection comes with acrylic paints that match the numbers on the canvas. There’s a little bit of magic in every brushstroke you create as you paint by the numbers and watch your masterpiece come alive.


The Line with a Simple, Trendy, Modern, Touch


Storytelling is Your Super Power

  • Whether you create superheroes that defeat evil villains or go on big adventures to save the world, everything you need to create your own comic is included in this DIY comic book set from Made By Me®! Use stamps, stickers, and stencils to create your own KAPOW inside the hardcover comic book — and follow the “How to Draw” guide to ZAP your story to life! With the Make Your Own Comic Book set by Made By Me, encouraging creative expression and inspiring storytelling is an exciting adventure!


Emoticon Expressions

  • Who says diaries are the only place we can truly express ourselves? Emojis, alphabet beads, stickers — discover a creative way to let it all out and spell out your style with personalized jewelry! From word wear to message beads and A-B-Cute accessories, these jewelry-making kits don’t just offer the chance to spell out your style — they let you personalize it!


Create. Pretend. Play.


A Feel-Good Future

  • The Young Scientists Club doesn’t just deliver the best of STEM learning and scientific discovery — it takes boys and girls on educational adventures that last a lifetime. In every award-winning kit in the line, educators and scientists deliver fun, interactive activities throughout a journey of content-driven manuals — putting the best of all-things-science in the hands of kids & parents everywhere. Whether they’re testing methods like a chemist, going on space adventures, or exploring the science of plants & animals — Young Scientists are immersed in hands-on experiences that spark an interest in future scientific endeavors, teach empathy, and are jam-packed with fun.


Feel the Difference

  • Mold it. Stretch it. Expand it! SLIMYGLOOP®SLIMYSAND is a game-changer in the world of tactile play — it molds like sand, and stretches like slime! Besides being an immersive sensory experience that makes for hours and hours of open-ended play, it encourages imagination, strengthens fine motor skills, and can even relieve stress! Stay tuned for an all-new addition to the SLIMYGLOOP® SLIMYSAND™ line that allows you to dive into a world of water play fun with play sand that’s stretchable and moldable in and out of water!


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