Our Commitment to Clean Beauty

Our Commitment to Clean Beauty

Our Commitment to Clean Beauty

Part of being a kid means getting your hands dirty—whether it’s exploring outside in nature or digging into mix-and-mold kits. But when it comes to beauty products, we’re keeping it clean.

The big clean-up is underway across many industries, and we’re proud to join the movement toward clean beauty in our products—because buying beauty products is a choice, and we want to make it an easy one.



We get it—it’s a little confusing to understand. Let us try to demystify it for you. Clean beauty is an overarching term referring to products that are ethical, safe, and free from harmful compounds. It’s about giving consumers products they can feel good about using—and not having to break out a dictionary to understand the list of ingredients. At the end of the day, clean beauty offers reassurance and comfort, knowing you’re using products that are safe for you and our environment.



We’re excited to introduce this new initiative for our beauty and wellness brands as we work to implement clean beauty standards across our full product portfolio by the end of 2022.

The goal is to provide creative fun to our consumers and deliver items that are vegan-friendly and free from parabens, phthalates, and harsh chemicals.

For over 100 years, since our founding in 1912, our identity has revolved around one thing: Creativity. By supporting each stage of development with thoughtful, hands-on entertainment, we don’t just deliver products with lasting benefits, we inspire the entire creative family to be the best version of themselves—proudly expressive, confident, and unique.

As a company, we believe we have the responsibility to help educate our users on what is (and isn’t) in our products—because sustainability matters, and so should product safety. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to define our clean beauty pledges to meet the growing consumer demand for truth and transparency. The “it’s always been done this way” mindset is an outdated model we’re happy to break.


Take a Peek at Some of Our Clean Beauty Products!

Through our clean beauty initiative, you can share clean and safe DIY makeup, nail art, and self-care kits with your beauty aficionados. Whether you want to #MakeASTMT with a DIY nail art studio, or create your own shimmery lip gloss, we offer specially-curated beauty kits that let you have all the fun without the worry. Kids can even enjoy their favorite characters, like the Miraculous superheroez—fight off those yucky chemicals one clean beauty product at a time! Our catalog continues to grow, and we can’t wait to bring even more clean beauty kits to you in the future.

Your body (and what you put on it) is an investment, not an expense.

We hope you’ll join us as we work to change the kid’s activity market into a greener, cleaner place to play. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the know on our clean beauty initiatives and be the first to hear about new products coming your way.