Be Kind To Your Space!

Be Kind To Your Space!

Be Kind To Your Space!

Your space reflects who you are! So, what does your space say about you? Keeping your environment clean and organized increases productivity. A neat space also allows you to fill it with things that bring you joy. Everyone deserves to have an area that makes them feel relaxed, inspired, and creative! Upgrade your happy place with these 3 customizable mood-boosters:


1. STMT DIY Essential Oil Diffuser

Breathe in, breathe out. Add a little aromatherapy to your space with a customizable diffuser! Mix and match lavender, lemon, rose, and vanilla essential oil to create your own unique blends. While the scents enhance your space, lift up your spirits even more by decorating the diffuser with fun sticker icons. Whether you place it on a nightstand or a desk, set it anywhere there’s access to a USB power source and invigorate your senses all day long!



2. Just My Style Stellar Starburst Mood Board Decor Kit

Fill any room with love, positivity, and rainbows! Create your own mood board by embellishing the included rainbow-shaped corkboard with your favorite keepsakes, encouraging words, gemstones, stickers, and more. Add extra colorful flair by hanging real quartz crystals — known for their healing power — along with pom cording and ribbon to the ends of the rainbow. When you’re finished designing, mount your mood board on a wall by the keyhole slot. Find inspiration in your own little corner of the world — and use the sunshine spray to cleanse your space with happiness!



3. YOU*niverse Rainbow Light Catchers 

Let the light in and shine vibrant color on your YOU*niverse! From unicorns to geodes, shooting stars and diamonds, this suncatcher set included 4 mosaic frames to add 7 vibrant melty crystal colors. Pop them in the oven and watch them melt into glass-like designs. When they’re cooled, thread the shimmering cording through the frame, and attach them to suction cups. Hang your crystal mosaic suncatchers in the window of your favorite space and watch the sun’s rays transform the room into a rainbow of colors!



How do you treat your space with kindness? Show us your favorite way to gather inspiration, positivity, and creativity. Snap a photo to post on Facebook or Instagram using #HGUCraftWithKindness to be featured on our pages!