Be Kind To The Ocean!

Be Kind To The Ocean!

Be Kind To The Ocean!

What is summertime without trips to the beach?! This summer, we’re focusing on being kind to our oceans, beaches, and sea creatures big and small. Did you know that around 97% of all water on Earth is in the oceans, and that oceans cover over 70% of the Earth’s surface? That’s a lot to take care of!


Here are 3 ways to learn about and help save the oceans we all love to enjoy:


1. Recycle!

The best way to reduce ocean pollution is by limiting the use of single-use plastics, such as water bottles and straws. But, these items are very prevalent in our world, so we might as well recycle them once they are used!


Recycle bottle caps to help learn the ABC’s, or transform plastic water bottles into a robot bank to save all your allowance!

Plastic straws are one of the greatest threats to ocean life, so upcycling them into a colorful city skyline or cool textured turkey for Thanksgiving are a fun way to turn trash into treasures!


Plastic isn’t the only thing making its way into our oceans. Upcycle cardboard tubes and paper plates into fun ocean creatures!









2. Learn About Ocean Animals

Take a deep dive under-the-sea and put your knowledge of underwater life to the test with The Young Scientists Club Ocean Animals Card Game! From bingo to memory games and fact-filled trivia fun, this exciting game card set from The Young Scientists Club makes learning a fun, interactive experience!





3. Dive Deep Into Ocean Life!

Make a splash with the Discovery™ Exploring Oceans STEAM activity kit! Dig and excavate real seashells and discover all the interesting things you can find in the sand — like a sand dollar or starfish! Then, turn your findings into sea creatures using paints, fuzzy sticks, and wiggly eyes and create your own underwater world!

Challenge your friends to an exciting memory game and put your knowledge of the underwater world to the test! Follow the fully-illustrated instruction booklet and dive into 10+ activities to discover what makes our oceans magnificent! This engaging science kit doesn’t just allow little ones to explore the wonders of life under-the-sea — it makes learning creative and fun!




There are many more ways to care for our oceans, like participating in a beach cleanup or using plastic-free alternatives to common household items. Every little bit counts! So this summer, continue to learn and explore not only the oceans but lakes, rivers, and streams to discover all of the creatures that rely on clean water ecosystems to survive!