7 Back To School Activities for New Friends!

7 Back To School Activities for New Friends!

7 Back To School Activities for New Friends!

As summer comes to a close, schools begin to open! And while heading back is definitely exciting — we understand that it can come with some nerves too. But did you know that crafting is proven to help relieve stress and anxiety? Or that spending time with others can make us happier? So this year, before you put on those thinking caps this year, put on your crafting caps with the new friends you meet! These group activities deserve all the gold stars — let’s connect through creativity and #CraftWithKindness together!


1. Craft Worries Away!

Worry dolls are small, handmade characters that are usually given to children to eliminate worries or sadness and ease stress or anxiety. The Craft Project Ideas’ worry dolls, or worry monsters, are a fun, hands-on way for kiddos to explore and express their emotions — and all you need to create them is a few mini craft sticks, friendship thread, wiggly eyes, and a couple of friends! Before bed, tell the doll your worries, place it under your pillow, then drift off to sleep. The next morning, as tradition tells it, your worries should be gone!

2. Knot Your Way to an Everlasting Bond!

The best part about friendship bracelets is their ability to keep our besties close, no matter where we are — and the best part about the Just My Style Unicorn Friendship Bracelets is that you can create dozens alongside yours! Use alphabet beads to spell out the reasons why you love your friend — create hopeful phrases, like “YOU GLOW GIRL!” or “GOOD VIBES ONLY!” and use vibrant cord colors as a reminder that you both shine as bright as a rainbow.

3. Make New Friends with Beads!

If you could carry any animal with you wherever you go, which would you choose? How about your friends, are their favorite animals the same as yours? By exchanging ideas with your friends and learning their perspectives, we create bonds, practice sharing, appreciate similarities and differences, and even get inspired! So go ahead, have a zoo-full of fun creating 10 different bead animal keychains with a few of your friends!

4. Create Your Own Fidget Toys!

Stress balls are a great way to keep your hands busy and your mind calm — and Squoosh-O’s® are perfect for sharing with friends. Use your de-stressing toys to focus your attention on the sensory sensations inside your fidget toys and take some deep breaths — stars expand, glitter glides, and stress fades away with every squish.

5. Discover Self-Care Made Simple!

Whether you’re practicing yoga with your bestie or making manifestation bracelets, tracking your moods or creating your own sense of calm — take some time to be kind to your mind with mood-boosting wellness kits! Learn how to build happy, healthy habits and the ways you can incorporate them into your everyday life. Understanding the importance of self-care and self-love means embracing a positive mindset, and when you think positive, you’ll become positive, and positive things will happen!

6. Journal for Joy & Paint a Watercolor World!

From watercolors to creative journaling, go on a creative adventure with a new friend and discover what you can make together! Follow your heart as you doodle, design, and write what’s on your mind in the spiral-bound journal — let your creativity flow. Or, paint the colors of your imagination on an art pad that’s filled with prompts that spark meaningful conversations! Make it a collaborative experience by swapping projects halfway through creating them — take turns putting your unique touches onto every creation and see where your creativity takes you!

7. Have an Arts & Crafts Party!

Fuzzy sticks, shimmery pom balls, adhesive gemstones, colorful craft sticks, stickers, wiggly eyes, feathers, foam shapes — our craft embellishment packs come equipped with every material you need to host an arts & crafts party and get creative! Whether you use them to create your favorite animals and creatures, embellish back-to-school cards, or make a school project, the creative opportunities are endless when you have every classic crafting staple at your fingertips!

Craft with kindness and connect through creativity! Show us what you and your friends create as you head back to school together — post your creations on Facebook or Instagram using #HGUCraftWithKindness to be featured on our pages!