6 Ways to Tie-Dye Your Summer!

6 Ways to Tie-Dye Your Summer!

6 Ways to Tie-Dye Your Summer!

As we whip out all of the shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, and baseball caps we love — bringing out our summer wardrobes can come with unexpected surprises. Maybe your favorite tank top has a stain from last year’s start-of-summer picnic. Perhaps that plain white tee is looking just a little too plain. Or maybe you’re just looking for an excuse to refresh your style, go outside, and get creative! We’ve handpicked tons of ways for you to have fun in the sun — these 6 DIY tie-dye kits make every style a little more fun!


1. Transform any ordinary fabric into a magical tie-dye masterpiece!

Bring a little magic to any shirt with unicorn-inspired tie-dye designs! From stellar rainbow swirls to trendy twists and a unicorn iron-on transfer, this bag of tie-dye goodies includes everything you need to create 15 magical projects. Follow the step-by-step instructions for the best tips, tricks & techniques!


2. Go over the rainbow to tie-dye fun!

16 vibrant dyes, dozens of rubber bands, 8 pairs of gloves — grab a few friends and get ready to make your world even more colorful with this 2-in-1 tie-dye bundle pack! Mix and match a vibrant assortment of neon and rainbow dyes to create over 36 different projects. Just find your design in the fully-illustrated directions, add water, apply the dye, set, dry, and repeat!


3. Ready, set, GLOW!

Give any fabric, plus a bonus scrunchie, a neon tie-dye glow with this all-in-one tie-dye set from Just My Style®! Create a rainbow of colors by combining the provided dyes — mix blue with pink to create lavender or blue and yellow for green! Once you add the dyes to your favorite fabrics and the bonus scrunchie provided, cut down the time it takes to set the colors into your fabric permanently! This DIY tie-dye set comes with a microwaveable bag and drying rack — just place your project inside, throw it in the microwave, and complete it in minutes!


4. Express your true hue!

Say goodbye to hectic dyes and hello to the Just My Style® Tie-Dye Design Studio! The easy-to-use tool in this set delivers the same tie-dye experience with even less mess. Just dye your creations inside the tool to prevent excess drips or spills, let it soak, and reveal the rainbow like you’ve never seen it before!


5. Bring your tie-dye style on the go!

From picnics to sleepovers and beach days, create a go-to tie-dye accessory you can bring to any outdoor adventure with the It’s So Me!® Tie-Dye Backpack set! Complete with an adjustable canvas backpack, 2 iron-on patches, 3 dyes to mix & match, protective gloves, rubber bands, and even a tub to dye your creations — this DIY tie-dye set makes creating your own tie-dye accessories easy & fun!


6. Get that warm & fuzzy tie-dye feeling!

Design to unwind with the Fuzzy Spa Tie-Dye set from Just My Style® to redefine your self care! Complete with 3 super soft and fuzzy spa essentials — like an eye mask, fabric headband, and scrunchie — and 3 vibrant tie-dye markers, this all-in-one activity kit makes tie-dyeing as easy as color & repeat! Just remove the cap from any of the tie-dye brush markers and gently color onto the accessories to create your designs — no extra prep, messy dyes, or water! Whether you blend the colors or create defined designs, all of your creations will be ready to go minutes after you finish them!


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