5 Ways to Kick off Your Summer of STEM!

5 Ways to Kick off Your Summer of STEM!

5 Ways to Kick off Your Summer of STEM!

Summer break is finally here — but that doesn’t mean we should take a break from learning! That’s why this month’s #CraftWithKindness challenge is to be kind to your mind! Join us as we kick off this summer of STEM with 5 of our favorite activity kits that don’t just infuse science, technology, engineering, and math into every corner of the experience — they make learning even more fun, too!


1. The Young Scientists Club™ Extreme Fossil Dig

Dig into the exciting world of archaeology & gemology with The Young Scientists Club Exploring Fossils STEM kit! Walk in the footsteps of a paleontologist as you use real excavation tools, like a mallet and chisel, to dig through stone and find 18 real hidden fossils — from shark teeth to dino bones and ancient sea creatures. Then, use the magnifying glass for an up-close-and-personal look at your findings — refer to the bonus poster and collector cards to identify them all, and keep them safe inside the fossil bags! When you’re finished excavating, put your knowledge of the prehistoric world to the test with bonus games and activities! The Exploring Fossils STEM kit is the perfect way for lovers of all things science to immerse themselves in a fun, hands-on learning experience that will spark their curiosity for the natural world and the fossils inside it!


2. YOUniverse® Mermaid Matter Laboratory

Seas the day and get ready to explore the wonders of water — and the science behind it — with the YOUniverse® Mermaid Matter Laboratory! This STEAM kit brings science and art together in 10 mer-mazing experiments, so every little learner can discover how beautiful science can be! Watch a mermaid dance as you put real-world science theories to the test. Defy the laws of gravity by learning how density and surface tension work. Have a bubbly blast as you create simple chemical reactions. Our amazing YOUniverse is full of wonder, and when you dive into the Mermaid Matter Laboratory, you can explore it all!


3. The Magic Schools Bus® Rides Again: Exploring Oceans

Hop on board The Magic School Bus for a wild ride under the sea! Join Ms. Frizzle and the gang as you learn the skills of an oceanographer and marine biologist through tons of hands-on learning activities! Study salt varieties and turn salt water into fresh water. Create your own underwater volcano. Excavate real seashells and explore all the interesting things you can find inside sand. Challenge your friends to an exciting memory game and put your knowledge of the underwater world to the test! Follow the fully-illustrated instruction booklet and dive into 10+ activities to discover what makes our oceans magnificent! Buckle your seatbelts, because this engaging science kit doesn’t just allow little ones to explore the wonders of life under the sea — it makes learning interactive and fun!


4. Discovery™ Extreme Chemistry

Transform your home into an Extreme Chemistry lab with this interactive STEM kit from Discovery™! From acid and base chemistry to explosion science and crystal growing, get ready to conduct over 30 hands-on science experiments using real chemistry tools and compounds! Test and identify acids and bases using litmus paper and test tubes. Explore and create polymers, learn the science behind gases, bubbles, and fizz. Follow the scientific method and easy-to-understand instructions to discover all the wonderful ways chemistry connects to the world around us! From engaging homeschool lessons to boredom busters, the Discovery Extreme Chemistry set makes learning early chemistry awesome for any mini mad scientist ages 12 and up — adult supervision is required.


5. Thinkbox® Inventor’s Box

If you could invent anything, what would you create? What if we told that some of the world’s best inventions could be created with materials you already have at home? From craft stick racing cars to catapults and even pinball machines — the Thinkbox® Inventor’s Box gives aspiring engineers endless opportunities to innovate. With over 700 supplies along with everyday household items, plus an easy-to-follow project guide, get ready to learn the ins and outs of the engineering design process as you strengthen creative problem-solving and foster open-ended play.


Show us the ways you stretch your brain, learn something new, and be kind to your mind this summer of STEM! Snap a photo to post on social media using #HGUCraftWithKindness to be featured on our Instagram or Facebook pages!