5 Ways to Be Kind to Your Imagination!

5 Ways to Be Kind to Your Imagination!

5 Ways to Be Kind to Your Imagination!

Sometimes the simplest things can spark the most exciting creative adventure — all it takes is a little imagination to make the ordinary extraordinary! What better time than National Craft Month to explore new ways to unleash your creativity? From rainy-days to weekend activities or even easy-peasy homeschool arts & crafts, we’ve collected some of our favorite materials to inspire you to be kind to your imagination and explore the wonder inside it!



1. Create with craft sticks!

Unleash your creativity and inventiveness with the versatile and classic crafting staple, craft sticks! From wooden signs to 3D sculptures or even fun picture frames, there are endless ways to customize these craft sticks into one-of-a-kind creations — just mix and match your favorite craft materials, like paint, markers, glitter, wiggly eyes, and more! Or, try using them as learning aids to practice counting, patterns, and spelling by gluing colorful numbers, beads, and letters to the craft sticks. This essential is sure to come in handy from the classroom to the craft room.


2. Transform canvases into creatures!

Have no fear of the blank canvas — it’s where your next creative adventure begins! From 3D collages to hand (or finger) painted masterpieces, canvases are ideal for exploring and displaying your creativity. Mix and match mediums and embellish the canvases with craft materials like gemstones, wiggly eyes, buttons, or foam! Explore colors and see what happens when they combine on the canvas. Test out your tape-resist art skills and decorate the surface with colorful washi tape patterns! There unlimited possibilities when it comes to blank canvases — let your imagination run wild!


3. Give your crafts that warm & fuzzy feeling!

Bend ‘em, twist ‘em, mold ‘em — there are endless ways to create with fuzzy sticks! Curve them into an arch shape and twist the ends together to create a soft and colorful rainbow. Glue the fuzzy sticks onto a painted canvas or a handmade card to add dimension and texture. Pair the fuzzy sticks with wiggly eyes and pom balls to create cute little creatures — or make them functional and bend them into a basket or banner! With flexible chenille stems that won’t break unless you cut them and can be straightened or reformed even after using them, fuzzy sticks make it easy to enjoy hours and hours of soft crafting!


4. Clothespin creations!

With a few of your favorite craft materials and a little bit of imagination, you can create the cutest clothespin crafts in a pinch! Paint and decorate them with glitter and attach a magnet to the back for a fun way to hang photos from the fridge. Glue wiggly eyes and foam shapes onto the clothespin to transform it into a puppet for a party! From large to mini and even glitter-filled clothespins, the versatility of this material makes it easy for crafters of all ages to bring their creative ideas to life.


5. Follow the rainbow to endless creativity!

Who says you need rain to make a rainbow? The Horizon Group USA Rainbow Craft Embellishment Pack suits every colorful crafting need. Make a fuzzy, bendable rainbow with pipe cleaners — or create a fluffy creature with pom balls and wiggly eyes! Stick on some sequins and gemstones to make your creations sparkle, or discover just how many colorful projects you can create with craft sticks! There are endless creative opportunities with this vibrant craft embellishment pack — head over to the craftiest corner of the internet for some inspiration!



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