10 Ways to Personalize Your School Supplies

10 Ways to Personalize Your School Supplies

10 Ways to Personalize Your School Supplies

Notebook? Check. Pencils? Check. Backpack? Check. It’s time to re-stock those school supplies and get back to class! But why not put a creative twist on your back-to-school checklist? Whether you’re in the halls or on video calls, personalize school supplies to make this year your year! Read on to find 10 of our favorites.


1. Capture your first & last day forever!

What was your favorite subject in Elementary school? Did you have a dream job when you started 6th grade? Capture your little one’s big steps with My First & Last Day of School Wooden Chalkboard — because every year is one to remember! Grab some washable chalks and fill in the blanks on the wooden chalkboard — then hide your tears, whip out your camera, and capture the milestone forever! Wipe the chalk away and reuse the board year after year to reflect on how much your little learner has grown.


2. Carry your creativity alongside your favorite classmates!

Ditch the backpack and go for something different this year — like a canvas tote bag that’s easy to carry, and easier to customize! But the best part about the Styled Basics Large White Canvas Totes isn’t just that they’re large enough to hold textbooks but small enough to bring with you throughout the day — this pack comes with 3, so you can get back to school ready with a few friends! Snap a few selfies with your friends, upload them to your computer, print them out onto iron-on transfer paper, then iron your photos onto the tote! Use iron-on letters to spell out your name or your school slogan on the tote — or mix & match any combination of your favorite fabric embellishments to make this accessory your own.


3. … And bring some new friends to your (back)pack!

A is for apple, B is for banana, and C is for cool bead pet friends that make going back to school a zoo-full of fun! Learn how to create tons of pawsome characters and creatures — from cats and dogs to lizards and turtles — using pony beads, cording, and an easy-to-understand design template that’ll guide you through every step. When you’re finished, connect your keychains to your backpack, lunchbox, or set of keys and bring some pets to school!


4. Make a JAWsome pencil case!

Sink your teeth into an awesome soft craft and learn a fin-tastic skill that offers lifelong benefits: sewing! Snag some foam sheets, black friendship thread, a wiggly eye, scissors, and a sewing needle and head over to the craftiest corner of the internet to learn how to create a DIY shark pencil case that stands out even in the largest school of fish! Create the craft in just 4 easy steps then make a splash with an educational twist — swim up to our Teacher’s Corner to learn the value of following directions and paying attention to detail, but most importantly, how to make going back to school a comfortable adjustment for every student!


5. … And make using pencils fun!

Writing has never been more fun when there’s a handmade pinwheel at the top of your pencil! Get creative while you paint and decorate a piece of paper, then practice those fine motor skills and spatial awareness as you fold it into a pinwheel for your pencil! These pinwheel pencils don’t just put a decorative spin on writing utensils, they can also be used as fidget toys to ease stress, keep hands busy, and even enhance concentration throughout the day. If folding and cutting feels a little bit too much for you, try wrapping instead!


6. Accessorize your locker!

Whether you’re at school or home, with just a few accessories, you can make any space your own! Snag some melty beads, an iron, fuzzy sticks, and craft glue and follow along with Craft Project Ideas to transform them into magnetic projects that are perfect for displaying in your locker! Or, upcycle an old cereal box into an organizer with magnetic buttons, skinny sticks, and acrylic paints to give it a personal touch — then use it to organize markers, pencils, or other back-to-school trinkets!


7. …And your notebooks or folders, too!

Name tags, notebooks, folders — customize every one of your school supplies while you explore the art of language with adhesive foam letters! Whether you’re practicing early word-building, labeling your folders for each school subject, or creating a name tag for the first day back, the easy-peel backing of these foam letters makes for mess-free crafting — which means kiddos can have free rein to customize however they wish. Or, if your little one isn’t so little anymore, turn to the Just My Style 1,500 Sticker Book to create a seriously trendy look for your paper goods! Stick your style onto almost anything using alphabet letters, numbers, emojis, positive quotes, or magical friends, and express yourself through stickers!


8. Make your mark!

Stickers not really your thing? Stamp to perfection instead! With every letter from A-Z plus a handful of common symbols, it’s easy to create any words, names, dates, initials, or monograms. Plus, they’re attached to durable wooden blocks which make them easy for little hands to use. Use them to customize your paper school supplies — or create handmade cards for a back-to-school party! Pair with the rainbow stamp ink pads for a fun pop of color — or use the ink as a catalyst for creativity! Stick your fingers into the ink and leave your unique touch on any piece of paper — don’t worry, these inks are washable and safe for kids! Or, cut out a shape from foam sheets and press it into the ink to create your own stamps!


9. Set, track & achieve those grade-A goals!

Did you know that developing organizational skills and learning how to plan at an early age can help reduce stress, increase productivity, and encourage goal-setting? That’s right, planners and agendas are more than just trendy, customizable stationery — they also give us the tools we need to be successful, inside and outside of the classroom! The STMT D.I.Y. Planner Set makes it easy to create short and long-term goals you can put into action any time of year — and the blank calendar pages feature vibrant reminders to embrace a positive mindset! Use the monthly view pages to build those good habits, create weekly action plans to incorporate into your everyday life, and make the important stuff pop — like homework assignments or other deadlines — with fun-shaped paper clips, stickers, frames, and more!


10. Stay hydrated in style!

As new friends, tasks, teachers, assignments, and projects start filling up the day, it’s essential to stay hydrated! Make it fun — and stylish — by filling up a glittery, BPA-free water bottle with stickers you can remove & reuse whenever you feel like changing it up! Or, color your way over the rainbow and transform an aluminum Barbie® water bottle into a style statement! The best part about the customizable water bottles isn’t just that they’re safe and convenient for everyday use — one has a carabiner clip and the other has a hot-pink handle which makes them both easy to bring with you wherever you go!


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