10 Ways to Get Creative Outside!

10 Ways to Get Creative Outside!

10 Ways to Get Creative Outside!

Every day is a good day to get creative — especially outside! From the back yard to the local park or even the sidewalk — you can transform any outdoor space into the ultimate creative zone with a touch of creativity and a little imagination. Start your experience with these 10 outdoor play activities!


1. Create drawings that come alive!®

With Chalk Alive™, creating art with sidewalk chalk transforms into an exciting augmented reality experience! First, download the free, interactive Chalk Alive™ mobile app — Android and iPhone compatible! Then, head outside with the colorful sidewalk chalks and character stencils and prepare to create a portal into a whole new world of lively, creative fun! Use the chalks to color in the stencils, then scan your art, snap a photo using the app, and watch your drawings come alive in 4D!


2. Discover the great in the great outdoors!

When you’re Exploring Nature with Discovery™, it’s easy to discover the wonders of the world around us! This exciting STEAM kit features 12 hands-on activities that bring science and art together. Build your own bughouse and ant farm for the little creatures in your neighborhood to explore. Then, go on a nature scavenger hunt to see how many insects, critters, and habitats you can find! Discover how you can make art with the things around you by creating colorful nature rubbings, pressing and preserving flowers, and more! Then, put your knowledge of nature to the test with an exciting animal tracks memory game!


3. Tie-dye your world!

Transform any ordinary fabric into trendy tie-dye masterpieces with Just My Style®! Complete with vibrant assortments of dyes, rubber bands, and protective gloves — these DIY tie-dye kitshave everything you need to tie-dye your world! From rainbow swirls to stylish sunbursts, trendy twists, and ombré designs — follow the fully-illustrated instructions to learn how to create tons of to-dye-for-projects! Plus, the ready-to-go dyes make the process a breeze — just add water, shake the bottle, apply the dye, set and dry! Whether you tie-dye a t-shirt, pillowcase, shoes, hats, or scrunchies, the dyes work best on 100% cotton and will remain vibrant by following the care tips included!


4. Make a splash!

With SLIMYGLOOP® Aqua Dough, you can create your own water toys that stretch, mold, float, and change colors! Set up a bucket or bowl of water outside and play* with the Aqua Dough inside it for a fun, sensory experience — use the molds provided to create a soft, floating mermaid or shark Or, squish, stretch, and squeeze the dough while it’s in the water! SLIMYGLOOP® Aqua Dough is water-resistant, so it won’t fall apart or dissolve why you play — and it never dries out! Keep playing with the dough to watch it change colors, then wring out the excess water and let it dry completely before storing the Aqua Dough in the reusable containers for the next time you want to make a splash!

* Do not use Aqua Dough in pools, bathtubs, showers, or sinks to avoid drainage issues.


5. Practice yoga!

Find your zen outside with the Just My Style® MoodJoy™ Young Butterfly Yoga & Meditation Set! This mood-boosting wellness kit includes all the essentials you need to embrace the ultimate yoga and meditation sessions — while enhancing your overall well-being. Get started with a little aromatherapy — apply the eucalyptus roller to your wrists and pressure points and take a deep breath. Then, step into your yoga practice with an open heart and clean mat — spritz the all-natural essential oil spray onto your mat and follow the whimsical yoga cards to practice 6 peaceful poses! Stay balanced on and off the mat and design your own mala meditation bracelet with glass beads and silver charms — keep all your yoga and meditation essentials inside the included drawstring bag! Every full-size wellness product included in the MoodJoy Young Butterfly Yoga & Meditation Set has been thoughtfully designed with vegan-friendly formulas and clean beauty ingredients free from parabens, phthalates, and harsh chemicals. We respect our furry friends!


6. Fly away with your creativity!

Tap into your Creative Roots™ and Paint Your Own Stepping Stones! Spread your wings and fly into a new art form as you paint and customize a 7-inch ceramic butterfly with whimsical mosaic designs. Be a unicorn in a field of horses — or flowers — and discover the magic in every brushstroke as you paint a ceramic unicorn stepping stone to life. Fall in love with the art of color-mixing as you design heartwarming hues, vibrant color schemes, and decorative accents on a mandala-inspired heart stepping stone. These creative activity kits have everything you need to create imaginative garden accessories — just be sure to apply an exterior varnish to protect them from the elements!


7. Plant a rainbow!

Who says you need rain to make a rainbow?! Paint Your Own Rainbow Planter with Creative Roots and let your creativity shine no matter the weather! Discover the magic in every brushstroke as you paint your way over the rainbow and create new hues and shades on a ceramic, rainbow-shaped planter. When you’re all finished decorating, layer your planter with garden soil and seeds from home and watch your creativity grow into a garden of your dreams!


8. Make art with nature!

Leaves, flowers, plants, trees — nature has the best craft materials, just look around and see! Grab your favorite coloring materials, like oil pastels, crayons, or colored pencils, snag some paper, and take your creativity outside! Collect a few things in your backyard, at a park, or anywhere outdoors, like tree bark and leaves. Then, lay your materials on top of the paper, fold it in half, and color on top to watch the texture reveal itself on the paper! Looking for more ways to create with nature? Head over to the craftiest corner of the internet for tons of Craft Project Ideas!


9. Transform rocks into works of art!

Transform ordinary stones into colorful works of art with the Made By Me® Rock Art kit! With 3 pounds of ready-to-paint stones, vibrant paint colors, glitter glue, temporary tattoos, and two different paintbrushes, it’s easy to explore your creativity! Just dip the paintbrushes into any of the 12 colors and slide them along your rock to start creating. Experiment with color-mixing and combine the primary colors to create your own palette, or change up the hues and shades by adding black or white paint to any color! Give your rock art an extra special touch with temporary tattoos and glitter glue. Create rock pets to keep around your garden or design kindness stones to hide around your town to give your neighbors a happy surprise!


10. Make mandalas!

Is there anything more mesmerizing than a mandala pattern? The Mandala Rock Art kit is the perfect way to immerse yourself in an arts & crafts session that doesn’t just empower you to get creative — it’ll soothe your mind! Follow along with the instructions to learn how to create intricate dots and patterns with tons of texture. Combine the acrylic paint with puffy paint to create art that really pops! With 2 pounds of ready-to-customize stones in various sizes, you can create tons of rockin’ projects!


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