Wings & Onesies at Horizon Group USA

Wings & Onesies at Horizon Group USA

Wings & Onesies at Horizon Group USA

For the first time in the history of the corporate world (minor exaggeration), we implemented Onesie Wednesday. On February 3rd, Horizon’s Kids Craft and Tween Activity teams dressed to impress sporting the world’s most comfortable article of clothing.

Photographic evidence of this landmark holiday:

Note: This is not a preschool class. These are real employees of Horizon Group USA.

Now, if you’ve never worn a onesie, we strongly suggest it as it is the ultimate goal in comfort, but make sure it won’t be 50+ degrees. Our mistake.


Horizon employees supporting their favorite NFL teams!

Followed by our festival of comfort was our annual Wingoff for Superbowl 50! While the rest of the company was peacefully enjoying lunch from Ciro’s, 9 brave employees competed for the chance to be King (or Queen) of Wings. The contestants had three minutes to eat as many wings as they could. In first place with 19 wings, John Daly, Kids Activity Graphic Designer, is our new reigning champion. Congratulations John!


At Horizon Group USA, every day is sure to be an interesting adventure.