What Is ASMR?

What Is ASMR?

What Is ASMR?

What in the world is ASMR anyway? It is defined as “a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck, as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus, often a particular sound.” Here are some examples of how ASMR has taken over the Internet, and ways you can get in on the action!



Poke. Stretch. Squeeze. When it comes to touch and textural ASMR content, slime dominates the space. Even without physically touching anything, viewers turn to slime videos and photos to experience those brain tingles.


But when you do touch it, the experience is incomparable. With SLIMYGLOOP®, it’s easy to find new, fun textures — from soft and stretchy Butter SLIMYGLOOP to crunchy SLIMYGLOOP Mix’Ems and the ever-amazing moldable, stretchable, and expandable SLIMYGLOOP SLIMYSAND™.



If touch and texture don’t give you all of the feels — certain sights and sounds might actually make you feel like you’re getting a brain massage. In fact, there are currently about 5.2 million ASMR videos on YouTube — and according to Google Trends, there’s more search interest on YouTube for ASMR than for “candy” or “chocolate.”


Perhaps watching water beads expand in this Made By Me!® Water Bead Art set — and running your hands and fingers through them as they grow — will give you that immediately satisfying feeling you’re seeking.


Or maybe hearing the sound of PopFizz™ Bath Bombs dropping into water, while popping and fizzing as they float, will make you feel warmer and cozier than the bath itself.


Seeing and hearing certain sounds or activities are the key to the ultimate relaxation for hundreds and thousands of ASMR enthusiasts. Whispering usually sets the foundation for this kind of experience — as video-makers slowly and softly speak into high-intensity microphones to lull listeners into a meditative-like trance or even sleep. But, like most things, sight and sound ASMR isn’t always appealing to all.



Have you ever seen something that looks so satisfying, you felt like you just had to taste it? Even if it isn’t always what you’d expect to be appetizing? CandyGloop™ lets you taste that touch and textural ASMR experience. While Vendees Sweet Treats brings together both the comfort of thinking about your favorite tastes (not eating them) — while simultaneously checking the ASMR box for satisfying sounds.


ASMR content revolving around taste and food is an interestingly popular space. While some find chewing sounds gross and annoying, ASMR videos of people eating are a massive trend. Called Mukbangs, these videos started in Korea and are now trending in the United States. Videos of the crunching and slurping have millions of views and live on Youtube channels solely devoted to eating shows.


With tapping and scratching ASMR, you either love it, or you hate it. The sounds in these videos give some that super tingly feeling — while they make others cringe as if they hear nails on a chalkboard.


Which ASMR content is right for you?

Well, that’s up to you! But we can tell you that the best way to find what suits your fancy is to try new things.


ASMR is best experienced in a place where you can relax. Lay down, dim the lights, and try to block out the outside world. Wear headphones to get the best sound quality and make sure you have nowhere important to go as you may fall asleep.


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