Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

From meaningful jewelry design to ultimate scrapbooks and lovely craft embellishments, we’ve wrapped up 10 of our most-loved items for you to spread the love this Valentine’s Day and beyond!


#1 – STMT™ DIY Custom Candles

Set the tone for the season of love with custom-made candles that soothe the heart and the mind. With fragrances like lavender, sweet orange, and rose — plus customizable tins with trendy stickers — the STMT DIY Custom Candles set makes it easy to light up the love. Whether you personalize your candles for a heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift or use them to enhance the ambiance of a special night in, create with ease by following the fully-illustrated instruction booklet!


#2 – STMT™ DIY Alphabet Jewelry

Who says the only way to show a special someone you care is with a Valentine’s Day card? With the STMT DIY Alphabet Jewelry set, you can create 10 premium pieces of jewelry with personalized messages to express your feelings and make hearts throb! From rings to chokers and bracelets, jump right in to get started or follow along the instruction booklet to create jewelry for every occasion — with love.


#3 – STMT™ DIY Purpose Pendant Jewelry

Design with a purpose, gift with a purpose. With the STMT Purpose Pendant jewelry set, you can use a few small pendants to create a line of accessories with big meanings. Whether you’re an experienced jewelry-maker or this is your first time considering the craft, this set is the perfect way to create meaningful gifts that your loved ones can cherish for years to come.


#4 – STMT™ DIY Wooden Charm & Tassel Jewelry

Make your Valentine’s Day gifts lovely — with a chic, whimsical twist. Learn four different jewelry-making techniques and design 10 customized pieces of jewelry to pair, wear, and share with your sweeties. The STMT DIY Wooden Charm & Tassel Jewelry set is the perfect way to embrace your free spirit while you design statement pieces from the heart. Plus, the fully illustrated instruction booklet makes it easy to start creating right away!


#5 – Valentine’s Day Craft Embellishment Bundle by Horizon Group USA

Nothing compares to giving, or receiving, a handmade Valentine’s Day card — why not add a little extra love to your creations this year? Our Valentine’s Day Craft Embellishment Bundle suits every Valentine’s Day crafting need! Add dimension and texture using fuzzy sticks and pom-poms, or add some mess-free sparkle with glitter foam stickers and adhesive gemstones! Whatever you choose to use, you have every crafting essential you need to create handmade cards, critters, and more — all with love.


#6 – Just My Style® Ultimate Scrapbook

Is there anything more special than a daily reminder of days filled with happiness and love? Keep your favorite memories close to your heart with the Just My Style Ultimate Scrapbook. Complete with colorful stickers, shimmering gemstones, printed pages, punch-out sheets, and more — this scrapbooking set is a creative, interactive way to replay the memories that make your heart happy over and over again.


#7 – Just My Style® 11,000 Beads

What can you create for your special someone with 11,000 beads? The creative opportunities are endless! Let your creativity soar to your heart’s desire as you create one-of-a-kind patterns and accessories with decorative beads in a variety of shapes and sizes, glistening crystal accent beads, and more. Whether you make bracelets to give with cards or use your accessories as the gift themselves, the Just My Style 11,000 Beads Kit includes a bonus beading workstation and easy-to-follow instructions so you can start creating right away!


#8 – Just My Style® ABC Beads

Making meaningful jewelry is as easy as A-B-C! Weave, knot, braid and bead a variety of cording to create personalized jewelry with a stylish touch. With over 1,000 vibrant charms and trendy beads to mix and match, you can create over 40 different pieces of jewelry or other accessories that will complement any style. From keychains to bracelets and necklaces galore, the Just My Style ABC Beads includes all of the essentials you need to design the sweetest Valentine’s Day gifts with love.


#9 – Made By Me!® Rock Art

With the Made By Me! Rock Art set, you can transform ordinary stones into the most lovely works of art. Use vibrant paint colors to create meaningful designs that express your love for someone special — and create eye-catching effects with shimmery glitter glue or metallic tattoos that will make any heart throb. Gift your creations as kindness or friendship stones, and discover how thoughtful creativity can be.


#10 – Creative Roots™ Ceramic Heart Stepping Stone

Prepare to fall in love with this ready-to-paint 7” ceramic heart stepping stone by Creative Roots! Discover the art of color mixing as you create heartwarming hues, vibrant color schemes, and decorative accents with the included paints — and unleash your creativity while designing lovely color patterns and details. Use your heartfelt stepping stone as a Valentine’s Day decoration inside, or wrap it up and gift it to someone you love!