Sugar™ Offers tween girls who are excited by what’s fashionable and trendy to create their own unique style.


The brand offers a collection of stylish, on-trend jewelry making and activity kits that both promote creativity and nurture individuality. These kits inspire self-expression and design exploration through projects that can be shared with friends or enjoyed alone. The kits include a broad array of components and materials that cover such activities as beading and braiding, knitting, hair-wear creation, body art, tech and room décor, and much more. Sugar™ kits are recognized for being on trend, producing gratifying, wearable finished products, and for their attractive, giftable packaging.

Shamballa Bracelets

Design and wear 9 dazzling shamballa bracelets!

The kit includes:

1 large shamballa bead

5 small shamballa beads

75 metallic accent beads

4 wax beading strings

2 knotting cords

3 satin cords

easy-to-follow instructions

hippie chic jewlery

horizon_website_brand_sugar_projectbox2_packageDesign 10 pieces of chic jewelry that will never leave you feeling far from the sun and sand!

The kit includes:

5 cowrie shells

4 charms

5 jump rings and
transit cord

50 metallic beads

150 colorful beads

4 wax cotton cords

2 suede cords metallic cording

easy-to-follow instructions

paracord loom

horizon_website_brand_sugar_projectbox3_packageMake better bracelets faster with the Paracord Loom! Learn four different design techniques to make over 12 trendy paracord bracelets!

The kit includes:

17 parachute cords

2 friendship threads

2 wax beading strings

premium charm

2 e-hook clips

8 paracord clips

ball chain

fabric glue

tape roll and
expandable loom with storage compartment

easy-to-follow instructions

glitter body art & tattoos

Give your skin a unique look with 2 body art techniques!

The kit includes:

4 tattoo sheets

25 body jewels

4 glitter containers

brush set

body adhesive

peel-and-stick stencils

easy-to-follow instructions

My Very Own Dreamboard

horizon_website_brand_sugar_projectbox5_packagePersonalize your very own dream board to display your dreams and watch them come true! With over 140 accessories, the possibilities are endless!

The kit includes:

pin board

2 punch-out sheets

6 flower push pins

10 memo pages

ballpoint pen

4 printed pages

2 sticker sheets

easy-to-follow instructions

knit this! fashion scarf

horizon_website_brand_sugar_projectbox6_packageKnit your very own scarf with our easy to use knitting loom! Add colorful pom poms for a whimsical look!

The kit includes:

200 yards colorful yarn

easy to use knitting loom

tapestry needle

loom pick

instruction booklet

easy-to-follow instructions


You can find these and more Sugar brand products at the following locations:

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