Summer Break Activities

Summer Break Activities

Summer Break Activities

Summer is filled with fun times and memories that will last forever. School’s out, and it’s the perfect time for a break to hang out with friends and relax! But as the days pass on, you may be getting bored of going to the pool or beach. So, instead of turning on the TV — make some crafts! It’s the ultimate way to get the most out of your summer. Have your friends over, get some snacks, and express your creativity with one-of-a-kind masterpieces!


Summer Sleepovers

What is summer without movie nights and sleepovers? Snuggle up on the couch or warm up in a fort with the perfect blanket — made by YOU! Learn how to craft your own quilt with the Made By Me!​ Quilt Making activity kit! No sewing or cutting, just fun with friends! What’s knot to love?




Summer and campfires are like peanut butter and jelly — there is nothing quite like sitting around a fire with friends! And with the Just My Style™ Friendship Bracelets kit, you can bring those fun times by the campfire wherever you go! Let your friends know how much they mean to you – create beautiful accessories you can swap and share. With tons of charms, beads, and yarn colors, you can make over 30 totally unique friendship bracelets to wear all year long!


Rainy Day Robots

Don’t let those summer storms rain on your time to shine! There are tons of activities you can do to make you forget about the rain outside, and create something awesome inside. Energize your mind with Discovery™ Build & Create Robotics kit! Powered by solar, salt, and electric energy — and equipped with all the technological necessities — get a head start on the path to engineering with easy-to-make robots.


Summer Memories Scrapbook

Each summer brings unique memories better than the last. From the family trip to Mexico to watching the Fourth of July fireworks light up the sky, these are the times you are going to want to remember forever. Throughout the summer, put the photos you take into the Just My Style™ Ultimate Scrapbook! After decorating each page with stickers and sequins, you will have a book of memories you can hold close forever!



Get ready, get set, go hike! There are countless places to explore outside — from new trails to waterfalls and the perfect picnic spot — but it’s essential to stay hydrated. Why not do it in style? Pave your own path with the It’s So Me!™ Color Your Own Water Bottle and let your creative spirit soar! Having a one of a kind water bottle will make you even more excited to take the path less traveled.








Slime Party

Slime + friends = the ultimate party. Whether you stretch it, smush it or squeeze it, throw on some tunes and grab your favorite SLIMYGLOOP™ and get ready to make some crazy awesome concoctions! For some extra satisfying inspiration or satisfaction, check out some tutorials and ASMR videos.


Spa Day Anyone?

Summer can get hectic. Take some time to unwind and relax with a summer spa day! After all, self-care is the best care. Create your own roller perfumes, salt scrubs, face masks, and more with the STMT Signature Spa Set! Learn the how’s and the why’s of your favorite beauty essentials — begin with ease and end in zen.



Travel Time

Whether you’re traveling the world or running through your neighborhood, traveling opens up our eyes to the unknown. Exploring different places is bound to come with souvenirs. Design your own totally functional Just My Style™ Glitter Messenger Bag and store all your valuables safe in a cute and trendy way! Show the world your creativity through vibrant colors, shimmering gemstones, patches, stickers, and more!