March is National Craft Month!

March is National Craft Month!

March is National Craft Month!

In a world of self-improvement, health trends and juice cleansing, crafting has gained popularity as a great form of meditation, mindfulness and relaxation. Crafting is not only good for the soul, but it’s great for the mind. Experts say that crafting can “help ease stress, increase happiness and protect the brain from damage caused by aging.” Crafting may be very beneficial to people who suffer from depression, anxiety and chronic pain as well.

Increase your happiness and release stress with some of our favorite craft supplies and projects below!



Wood Craft Sticks

Craft sticks are versatile and can be used to create so many different things, which is what puts them at the top of our list. From building mini houses to wooden signs to simple wood stick puppets, the possibilities are endless!

Craft Stick Craft Round-Up

Build a landscape entirely made of different kinds of wooden craft sticks.

Hang a craft stick birdhouse in your yard this spring.

Create a wooden ship entirely from craft sticks.


Wiggly Eyes

Wiggly eyes bring our crafts to life. Whether creating puppets, monsters, or cute characters, wiggly eyes are the perfect finishing touch.

Wiggly Eye Craft Round-Up

Transform everyday items into silly characters with the addition of wiggly eyes.

Put on a puppet show using a lone glove.

Protect your glasses and practice basic sewing skills with a wiggly eyeglass case.




Poms are fuzzy, fluffy and fun to play and craft with. From sensory activities and fine motor practice to simple pom creature crafts; poms add a touch of whimsy to all crafts and activities.

Pom Craft Round-Up

Get prehistoric with a pom-a-saurus.

Show mom some love with a planter of puffy pom flowers.

Create out of this world characters with different sized poms.


Fuzzy Sticks

Bend them, twist them, bead them, fold them, mold them; fuzzy sticks are an incredibly versatile craft material. Their flexibility allows for creating crafts without using glue, which is perfect for little ones!

Fuzzy Stick Craft Round-Up

Practice fine motor skills and bead melty beads onto fuzzy sticks to create bendable characters.

Curl & twist fuzzy sticks into the tentacles of a colorful jellyfish.

Twist fuzzy sticks together to create a multi-colored mane for a K-cup lion.

Oil Pastels

Oil pastels are great for kids of all ages. The colors are vibrant and the texture can provide a good sensory experience for younger children.

Oil Pastels Craft Round-Up

Create your own rainbow scratch art with oil pastels and paint.

Combine this transfer art project with a lesson in symmetry.

Head under the sea and explore a resist art technique with oil pastels and watercolors.

Friendship Thread

Bracelets aren’t the only things you can make with friendship thread. Create a braided garland, weave, sew, embroider; let your creativity be your guide.

Friendship Thread Craft Round-Up

Practice weaving and create a useful pencil holder.

Using a balloon as your base, create a 3D sculpture from thread.

Make a classic friendship bracelet following this beginner pattern.

Pony Beads

From jewelry making to bead pets, pony beads are full of creative opportunity. Melt them to create suncatchers or sort them to practice color recognition; pony beads can be incorporated into tons of different craft projects and activities.

Pony Bead Craft Round-Up

Create a 3D apple display and practice fine motor skills with fuzzy sticks and pony beads.

Make a keychain that looks sweet enough to eat.

Combine counting practice with a textured sensory experience.


Craft Buttons

Craft buttons are a classic craft material that adds a cute touch to any craft. Use them to practice color recognition, sorting or to plant a garden of button flowers for spring!

Craft Button Craft Round-Up

Buttons as balloons to wish your loved ones a very adorable happy birthday.

Explore touch through the use of buttons and bottle caps.

Create a cute accessory for spring time.


Wooden Clothespins

Not only are wooden clothespins useful for traditional purposes, like hanging laundry, but they’re perfect for crafting as well. Old-fashioned clothespins are ideal for creating characters or wooden dolls. Clip clothespins can be a useful way to display children’s artwork or decorated to resemble different animals.

Wooden Clothespins Craft Round-Up

Give a recycled giraffe some long limbs.

Fly, sail and drive with clothespin vehicles.

Bring back hoop skirts with cupcake liners and old fashioned clothespins.


Watercolor Paints

The best part about watercolor paints is the many art techniques that can be explored. From glue and tape resists to using salt or painting on wax paper, so many different looks can be achieved.

Watercolor Craft Round-Up

Explore blending and tie dye using a paper towel.

Learn basic techniques with watercolor.

Paint on wax paper to create a gorgeous paper lantern.

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