Make Rainbows No Matter the Weather

Make Rainbows No Matter the Weather

Make Rainbows No Matter the Weather

Somewhere over the Horizon Group rainbow, creativity flies! From ready-to-paint figurines to recycled crafts and sensory bottles, let your true colors shine bright with vibrant activities that’ll have you over the rainbow!


Experiment with color-mixing, explore art-making on a different kind of medium, tap into your Creative Roots™, and paint your own rainbow!




Add a lovely little color to your YOUniverse™! Discover the science behind bubbles ‘n suds and all the ways you can make soaps with rainbows!




Rainbows give us that warm and fuzzy feeling — especially when they’re made with fuzzy sticks!




How can you watch the colors of the rainbow dance and sparkle in the wind? Make a rainbow pasta wind chime, of course!



Unicorns, mermaids, and rainbows — they’re what life is all about! Paint and create a whimsical world with all of your magical friends!





With a dash of glitter, a drop of food coloring, and a water bottle, you can create a rainbow that always shines bright!



We know some crafts that’ll really make you melt — like ones with rainbows, bumblebees, and melty beads!




Squeeze your way over the rainbow with your very own Squoosh-O’s D.I.Y. stress balls!




Brighten up any day — rainy or otherwise — with a puffy pom-filled rainbow!






Sometimes all you need to do to find a little hope, positivity, and happiness is to look inside your imagination! That’s why we’re challenging you to color your world with creativity and make your own rainbows — inside, outside, on sunny days, or rainy ones. Post a photo of your colorful masterpiece with #HomemadeWithHorizon and tag @horizongroupusa to be featured on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages!