Made By Me® Super Weaving Loom Wins the 2016 Creative Child Award!

Horizon Group USA is a winner of the 2016 Creative Child Kids Product of the Year Award, Create Your Own Apparel Category with Made By Me® Super Weaving Loom.2016 Product of the Year

The Creative Child Magazine’s Awards Program is a very unique program in that moms, music educators and early education professionals review all products submitted. Products are reviewed by many people – the very people who would purchase them!

Each year, a two day event is held in Henderson, NV where over 50 guest reviewers are invited to a local convention center to attend our product review. All products are divided into categories and displayed at various stations. Guest reviewers are asked to sit and review each product at every station. Based on the scores and comments, products are then determined to be a finalist for DVD, CD, Book, Game and Toy of the Year. Only one product per category can win a Toy of the Year award, as well as, CD, DVD, Book and Game of the Year. The remaining finalists may receive a prestigious Preferred Choice award or the Seal of Excellence based on their ability to exceed expectations for nurturing creativity and education in children.


The Made By Me® Super Weaving Loom has WeavingLoomInActioneverything you need to create your own scarf, belt and handbag! This kit will teach you how create your own woven masterpiece. You will receive a super weaving loom, yarn, tapestry needles, loom comb and shuttle.