Your Guide to Summer Gifts!

Your Guide to Summer Gifts!

Your Guide to Summer Gifts!

Warmer days are here again, and we know just how to fill every summer day with fun — toys, activities, and D.I.Y. projects! Whether you’re looking for a way to get creative outdoors or a way soothe those rainy-day blues, we’ve wrapped up our favorite summer products — and Toy Insider’s, too!


Top Summer Toys for Preschoolers (ages 3-4), Grade Schoolers (ages 5-7), and Tweens (ages 8+) — as told by The Toy Insider!


Pick #1: The Mixy Squish™ Rainbow Mega Pack!

Transform airy, fluffy clay into a world of seriously squishy, textured fun with the Mixy Squish™ Rainbow Mega Pack! Complete with 12 rainbow colors and super crunchy add-ins, like mini rainbow foam balls, it’s easy to stretch, sculpt, and shape tons of clay creations that dry soft and spongy! The best part? Mixy Squish sticks to itself, and not your hands — that means endless sensory fun, without the mess.


Pick #2: Ryan’s World Surprise SLIMYSAND™

Make a new kind of sandcastle this summer with SLIMYSAND™ and your favorite YouTuber, Ryan! With almost 20 oz. of moldable, stretchable, expandable SLIMYSAND™ in different mystery colors — plus two Ryan-approved molds — you can have tons of fun with Gus the Gummy Gator, Combo Panda, and of course Ryan! Don’t forget to pop open the three mystery eggs for extra awesome surprises!


Pick #3: Story Magic™ Wooden Dress-Up Dolls

Make a little Story Magic™ this summer and create your own adventures! Mix and match magnetic outfits on a double-sided wooden doll. Then, fill in the blanks in your mini story maker, place the doll in the stand, and use the whimsical play scene to explore the wonders of your imagination!


Pick #4: Just My Style® D.I.Y. Friendship Bracelets

Make this summer last forever by creating friendship bracelets with your besties! With 40 skeins of super colorful threads, three bracelet-making looms, and a convenient storage case to keep all of your accessory-making essentials handy, the Just My Style D.I.Y. Friendship Bracelet set makes it easy to design your own line of stylish bracelets. Learn everything from the basics to more advanced techniques and make every one of your designs completely unique!


Pick #5: Creative Roots™ Paint Your Own Cactus

Let’s face it, not every summer day is filled with sunshine — but that doesn’t mean you can’t find other creative ways to have fun. Explore a new painting medium and bring your favorite summer plants — and animals — to life! With ready-to-paint figurines and tons of vibrant paint colors, it’s easy to unleash your creativity. Dive into the art of color-mixing as you create different hues and color schemes and discover the magic in every paint stroke. Then, put your creations out on display!


Top summertime activities and projects, as told by Horizon Group USA!


Activity #1: Create Your Own To-Dye-For Designs!

From magical swirls to stylish sunbursts and sweet stripes, create your own tropical tie-dye designs on nearly any piece of clothing with the Just My Style® Neon Tropics Tie-Dye Kit! Use the easy-to-follow instructions to learn how to create your designs, then add water, mix and match colors, set, and dry — for a seriously stylish touch, iron-on the tropical design!


Activity #2: Hydrate in Style!

Whether you’re hanging out by the beach or playing in your back yard, keep yourself hydrated through every long summer day. Stick your style onto a glitter-filled tumbler or water bottle — go bold with rose-gold or think pink! Feel like changing up your stickers? Remove, re-use, mix, and match any of your stickers, any time. Just peel them off the tumbler or water bottle and place them back on the sticker sheet, or stick them on your other accessories, like a phone case!


Activity #3: Design Summertime Scrunchies!

Mix and match fun fabrics and create your own summertime scrunchies with the Just My Style® Scrunchie Maker set! Whether you create two-toned scrunchies, holographic scrunchies, or hair wear that sparkles with sequins and gemstones, this kit comes with a fully-functional scrunchie maker tool that will help you make 12 super-chic accessories with ease!


Activity #4: Build & Design a Wooden Birdhouse!

Invite your special bird buddies to lounge in your back yard this summer inside a wooden bird house designed by you! The Made by Me® Paint Your Own Birdhouse includes everything you need to construct a one-of-a-kind birdhouse and explore your creativity. Let the easy-to-follow instructions guide you every step of the way as you assemble the pre-cut wooden pieces with glue. Then, let your creativity soar as you decorate your birdhouse with vibrant paints — use red and pink colors to attract hummingbirds, orange for orioles, blue for bluebirds, and more! That pop of color will attract neighborhood birds all summer long!


Activity #5: Seas the Day in SLIMYSAND™ Paradise!

Rolling waves, magical mermaids, hidden treasure, silly sea creatures — make a splash in your own SLIMYSAND™ Magical Mermaid paradise! With 3 lbs. of pre-made SLIMYSAND™ in three different colors — plus nine mer-mazing molds and rollers — you can create your own magical mermaid paradise, without the mess! Pack any color SLIMYSAND™ into your seashore mold, and gently lift the play tray to reveal your mermaid sanctuary. Then, make tons of fun creations that mold like sand and stretch like SLIMYGLOOP®! This reusable set makes for hours and hours of under-the-sea fun — and easy cleanup!



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