Holidays With Horizon: Holiday Gift Guide

Holidays With Horizon: Holiday Gift Guide

Holidays With Horizon: Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to find the perfect gift! Here are 15 go-to gifts for crafters, science lovers, and fashionistas of any age!



Gifts for Tweens:


STMT Hand Stamped Jewelry

Let your aspiring jewelry designer explore the art of metal stamping and create trendy custom jewelry pieces. With every letter from A to Z, there’s no limit to what you can stamp. Create monogrammed earrings, inspirational necklace charms and personalized bracelets to wear or gift.




STMT DIY Journaling Set

The ideal gift for the avid scrap booker, journal writer, or any trendy tween! Organize lists, thoughts, feelings, and memories. With colorful patterned papers, fun chipboard frames and sparkling glitter tape, creators will be able to uniquely decorate all 70 pages!




YOU*NIVERSE Ultimate Chemistry Lab

Transform the kitchen into an Ultimate Chemistry Lab! Throw on the hot pink safety goggles and get ready to get a little messy! Dive into a fizzing, glowing, exploding world of chemistry fun with 20 different experiments.




YOU*NIVERSE Galactic Bath Bombs

Turn bath time into an out-of-this-world experience with YOU*NIVERSE Galactic Bath Bombs! Mix together simple ingredients to create chemical compounds that bubble and fizz when they hit the water. Witness an amazing explosion of color that fizzes, bubbles and swirls.



YOU*NIVERSE Crystal Growing Jewelry

Explore the chemistry behind crystallization and create custom crystal jewelry. Observe the growth of the crystals overtime and watch how they completely take over the metal surface! Customize each piece by mixing and matching the colored dyes to create tie-dye or ombré patterns to create a unique look.



it’s so me! Emoticon Message Beads

Let little jewelry lovers express themselves through the creation of personalized pieces with the use of emoticon beads, fun phrases and more. Mix and match fun and trendy emoticons, words, and phrases to create unique pieces. The jewelry case and beading station are perfect for creating anywhere, anytime!



Just My Style Fashion Press Accessory Maker

Have an accessory lover in your life? This kit lets them create buttons, pins and patches as unique as they are! Add foil to patches to make them shimmer and shine, or keep it simple with the patterned fabric. Make each design really stand out with the cute embroidered patches and stickers!


Gifts for Kids:


ThinkBox Glowing Science Lab

Give your little scientist a fun way to explore science. With this educational kit, they will have a blast making glow-in-the-dark erupting art, glow-in-the-dark power balls and glow-in-the-dark slime, while learning all about the science behind it and improving their sensory development!



ThinkBox Inventors’ Box

Encourage your mini inventor to think outside the box! This plastic carrying case is packed full of components that can be used to create anything you can imagine. There’s no limit on creativity and imagination!



Making in the Moment Premium Pottery Wheel

Introduce pottery to your little ones with the Making in the Moment Pottery Wheel. This pottery wheel is an excellent gift that captures mindful creating. It comes with 2 pounds of terra cotta clay to create multiple projects as well as 14 different sculpting tools and 12 colors of paint to personalize your projects. This gift can turn into beautiful handmade gifts for so many others!



Discovery Extreme Chemistry

The perfect gift for the mad scientist in your home to conduct crazy experiments! Try testing your food or making your own worms (ICK!). Give the gift of hours of fun with 40 experiments!




Discovery Underwater Volcano

Recreate nature’s fury in an aquarium using this underwater volcano kit from Discovery. Carefully follow each instruction and watch the lava erupt out of the volcano in the most visually stunning manner!




Discovery Gemstone Dig 

Allow your little excavators to explore below the surface. Chisel away to reveal real turquoise, amethyst, and more! They can use their mallet and chisel to uncover the gems, then identify them all with the magnifying glass!



Made By Me Glow-In-The-Dark Terrarium

The perfect gift for little kids with big imaginations! Design a glowing terrarium that incorporates colorful pebbles, vibrant moss and glow-in-the-dark sand, then place the mini hand painted figurines on top. Turn out the lights and watch it shine!





Skip the mess and get straight to the fun with SLIMYGLOOP Mix’Ems! The slime trend is still going strong, and Mix’Ems make slime easier than ever! Simply remove the ready-made SLIMYGLOOP from the reusable storage container and start mixing. Every kit comes with fun themed mix-ins to add. Everyone will find a theme they love! Squeeze it, stretch it, twist it, squish it — SLIMYGLOOP Mix’Ems is an easy and fun sensory experience that kids will love.