Happy National Craft Month!

Happy National Craft Month!

Happy National Craft Month!

Did you know National Craft Month was created back in 1994 by the Craft and Hobby Association as a way for people to discover and learn about crafting?


At Horizon Group USA, we want to share our passion for creativity all month long by giving away a huge Craft Prize Pack! Take your crafty creations to the next level and win prizes to use for your crafts this month.


To kick-off our Craft Month celebration, here’s a list of how to use 4 unique crafting materials for your next project!


1. Clothespins

Who knew two pieces of wood connected by a metal spring could turn into so many cute crafts? Paint your clothespins in pastels, add some glitter, clip them to a plastic cup, and TA-DA! You’ve just created a clothespin flowerpot home for your plants.





2. Foam

Introduce this squishy, flexible material into your next 3-D project for more texture. All you need is a pair of scissors and glue. Then challenge yourself to stick different shapes together to create objects and creatures. Try making your next holiday card out of foam to share with your loved ones; follow these foam Easter Card instructions for inspiration.


3. Beads

A great learning tool for children who are starting to learn numbers and colors. To help them count out-loud and visually see quantity, create counting sticks.

Direct a child to glue a certain number of beads onto popsicle stick with a correlating number on the top. Likewise, you can teach a child about the rainbow by using melty beads with a sorting bead activity.




4. Watercolors

Explore a whole new color wheel when you add water to paint! Softer pastel colors are perfect for spring season crafts. Dip your paints onto coffee filters and watch the colors spread around. After it absorbs and dries, place your watercolor coffee filter flowers on the window sill.You can even use your clothespin flowerpot to hold your flowers!


If you’re looking for more project inspiration, check out CraftProjectIdeas.com. Use our How-To Guides and Now Trending pages to jump-start your creative process!


How are you celebrating National Craft Month? Share your crafts with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag @horizongroupusa!