Go Outside & Create by Nature!

Go Outside & Create by Nature!

Go Outside & Create by Nature!

Creativity is everywhere — especially outside. That’s why we’re challenging you to open the door and create by nature with creative activities that bring out the great in the great outdoors!




Transform your garden into a vibrant, colorful oasis with whimsical, ready-to-paint stepping stones!




One foot, two foot, jump! Mix & make your own chalk art to design a hopscotch course! When you’re all done hopping, keep up the creativity by making suncatchers that transform sunlight into rainbows!



From kindness stones to friendship stones, create your own rock art and share some love all over your town. Leave the rocks in unique places for others to find or gift them to your friends and family!




Freeze a moment in time and discover how fun it can be to get your hands dirty as you mix, mold, and form your very own stepping stone!





Get ready for a magical adventure and create an entryway into your imagination! With a little bit of paint and a touch of creativity, you can design a custom portal into a magical fairy world at the base of a tree or in the garden!




Whether you collect leaves to create oil pastel rubbings or rocks to make face puzzles, use the world around you as your canvas and create with nature!






Show us your outdoor creations! Post a photo of your masterpiece with #HomemadeWithHorizon and tag @horizongroupusa to be featured on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages!