Craft Your Way Through Every Rainy Day

Craft Your Way Through Every Rainy Day

Craft Your Way Through Every Rainy Day

When it’s a rainy day outside and the skies fill with clouds, bring the sunshine inside with crafts that redefine what it means to be indoors!


With glitter craft foam sheets, you can add a little sparkle and shine to dreary days — and your art projects!



Scare those rainy-day blues away! Use wooden rainbow craft sticks to create little monsters that are just too cute to spook!



Get that warm and fuzzy feeling and let your creativity bloom — create your own flower basket with fuzzy sticks!


Create your own raft and sail away from boredom — all you need is a couple of jumbo craft sticks to float your boat!


Who says you need rain to make a rainbow? With a bunch of rainbow poms in different shapes and sizes, it’s easy to Go Create™ your own!


Ease restlessness and enhance calm with rainbow glitter sensory bottles! Just add a dash of glitter, a drop of food coloring, and water to a recycled bottle!


Paint your way into a whole new world! Whether you use this compound to create fun prints and patterns or paint a masterpiece that glows in the dark — make your own magic with every stroke.


Have no fear of the blank canvas! They’re yours to define. Use them to create the animal kingdom — or follow simple techniques to paint your favorite creature to life!


Mix and match translucent beads to create some new accessories — or use them to create a meaningful suncatcher that transforms sunlight into rainbows!


From bumblebees to rainbows and even floral mosaics, when you have over 8,000 melty beads to create with, stress just melts away!



What’s the best way to bring any of your creations to life? We’ve got all eyes on wiggly eyes! Use them to add a little animated personality to your projects — or take a dive into a new crafting adventure with scuba diving eggs!


We’d love to see the ways you let your creativity shine — even in stormy weather! Post a photo of your masterpiece with #HomemadeWithHorizon and tag @horizongroupusa to be featured on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages!