Manager of Product Development and Design

Warren, NJ

Job Description:

Position Overview


The Product Development Manager is responsible for executing project management efforts on behalf of brand and merchant teams.


Role Accountabilities and Responsibilities                                                           



  • Provide project management support over trend analysis, specification development, and product design
  • Maintain up-to-date information on factory offerings to address brand needs


Product Development & Design

  • Collaborate with design and packaging team to create product specifications for items to reflect the brand and assortment strategy outlined by merchandising and brand management to drive sales, margin, and loyalty
  • Develop product specifications for items as applicable
  • Provide input on design modifications and material/construction changes that will help maintain target cost, as necessary
  • Ensure that product lines are visually consistent and unified in product content
  • Request, manage, and adjust samples
  • Support guidelines and standardized processes for regional development
  • Manage pre-production testing and safety assurance process



Post-Production Monitoring

  • Review sales to remain aware of trends and to provide insight to give perspective on trend hits/misses
  • Monitor leading industry practices, recommend new design approaches, and identify upcoming trends, new segments, and new businesses opportunities

Job Requirements:

Skills and Qualifications


  • Understanding of customer preferences and trends in hard lines/soft goods
  • Experience in product and specification development
  • Creative abilities: ability to envision new products from concept ideation through manufacturing process
  • Understanding of global needs and ability to create globally compatible products
  • Experience in stage-gate processes and understanding of key deliverables going into each stage
  • Understanding of sourcing and cost optimization processes
  • Understanding of key retail metrics, financial analysis, consumer and product trends
  • Experience in project management and prioritization
  • Ability to clearly define brand and customer needs
  • +5 years’ work experience in Product Development