Horizon Group Introduces Children To New Forms Of Tactile Fun By Focusing On Creativity They Can Feel

Horizon Group Introduces Children To New Forms Of Tactile Fun By Focusing On Creativity They Can Feel

Horizon Group Introduces Children To New Forms Of Tactile Fun By Focusing On Creativity They Can Feel

WARREN, N.J.Sept. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Horizon Group USA, a dynamic leader in the creative D.I.Y. marketplace, continues to innovate and expand upon its lines of D.I.Y., all-in-one kits focusing on creativity children can feel. From inventive new slime-making kits to fun, squishy D.I.Y. soaps, Horizon Group takes the ooey, gooey craze a step further and continues to establish itself as the leader in on-trend kids’ creative play.


“We love dreaming up products that encourage children’s creativity, while also letting them have a satisfying play experience,” said Evan Buzzerio, Chief Marketing Officer of Horizon Group. “With the incredible success of our SLIMYGLOOP™ brand, we launched brand extensions, like SLIMYGLOOP™ MIX’EMS™ as well as new brands like SQUOOSH-O’S™ and OOZ-O’S™. We saw that children are actively seeking to make trendy, gooey and squishy creations that they can show off to both family and friends. We believe it’s important to foster this kind of excitement in children and encourage them to explore and experiment with their creativity.”


Horizon Group expanded on the slime-making trend with SLIMYGLOOP MIX’EMS kits, complete with pre-made SLIMYGLOOP and themed embellishments, providing a fun, mess-free and safe way to play. They also honed in their expertise in all things ooey and gooey to launch SQUOOSH-O’S, a line of all-inclusive stress ball kits based on trending social media themes.


In fall 2018, Horizon Group will be unveiling completely new forms of tactile fun with the launch of FIZZYGLOOP™, a fun, fizzing, and slimy reaction that turns into ooey, gooey SLIMYGLOOP. The themed kits, available in Unicorn, Confetti, Holographic and other fun themes, include all ingredients needed. Horizon Group will also be launching OOZ-O’S, a D.I.Y. kit that allows children to create oozing, slimy spheres that they can pop and squish to reveal gooey centers. These new line of kits help introduce kids to basic chemistry and are available in fun themes like Mermaid, Unicorn, Galaxy and Monster.


“We’re extremely excited to see the fun children have with our new activities,” said Hiu Lee, Senior Vice President of Horizon Group. “We love being able to give kids hands-on experiences, while providing them with the opportunity to learn important skills along the way. In addition to our numerous innovative trend lines, our core S.T.E.M. brands continue to launch with new D.I.Y. kits that allow children to have unique tactile experiences, while engaging in creative learning.”


Children can create trendy colorful soaps that are squishy to the touch with the YOU*NIVERSE™ Sparkling Squishy Soap kit. They will get squeaky clean as they learn the science behind soap-making and combine the included ingredients to create fun, moldable shapes like a pizza, smiley face and donut. Additionally, with the Discovery Galactic Fizzing Dig, children create fizzing, bubbling reactions to unearth and study six real gemstones using the included mallet, chisel and magnifying glass.


All the new introductions from Horizon Group will be available this Fall at a wide variety of retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Five Below, Michaels, Party City, Target, Wal-Mart and other fine retailers.