Best Friends Day!

Best Friends Day!

Best Friends Day!

Having a best friend means sharing a bond that can’t be broken — it’s a knot that never comes loose. Every special moment you spend with your besties brings you closer together — and every knot you create in a friendship bracelet does, too! That’s why, on June 8th, we’re challenging you to celebrate National Best Friends Day by creating friendship bracelets to wear and share with your besties! Download our free tear & share printable to use for your bracelets, and check out our favorite bracelet-making essentials below to get started:




The It’s So Me!® Braid-Tastic Braiding & Beading Work Station includes tons of colorful cording and vibrant accent beads to mix and match — plus a multipurpose braiding loom that makes it easy to create stylish bracelets! Just slide the pre-wrapped spools into the loom and follow the easy-to-understand instructions, or watch our YouTube tutorial, to design your own braid-tastic accessories! Looking for other beading ideas? Download our free templates!



One of the most magical things about friendship bracelets is the ability to keep your besties close to your heart — whether you’re near or far. And with the Magical Friendship Bracelet set from Just My Style®, you can design your bracelets together! Grab your bestie and use the two weaving looms to create beautifully intricate accessories at the same time — or master the fun techniques featured in the easy-to-follow instructions to create more unique designs! The Just My Style® Magical Friendship Bracelet set puts a modern twist on classic bracelet-making that every soon-to-be designer will love.


From chevrons to zig-zag and knotted diagonal patterns — create up to 50 friendship bracelets with the STMT D.I.Y. Friendship Bracelets set! Mix and match vibrant threads to knot one-of-a-kind designs, and add trendy accent beads to elevate your look. With a fully-illustrated instructional booklet and every essential you need to start creating, discover how easy it is to master bracelet-making with STMT! Post your finished bracelets on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using #MakeASTMT, and tag @horizongroupusa to be featured on our pages!


Calling all VSCO girls! Are you ready to create your own trendy arm candy?! With 40 skeins of super colorful threads, three bracelet-making looms, and a convenient bracelet case for accessory-making on-the-go, the Just My Style® Friendship Bracelets set will help you design a line of stylish bracelets! Learn everything from the basics to more advanced techniques and make every one of your designs completely unique!



Keep your bracelet-making toolkit fully stocked! Snag over 17 different friendship threads in every color of the rainbow, or design for days with 120 skeins of thread tucked inside an easy-to-store case!





Friendships are one of the most meaningful bonds we have — they make us feel supported, loved, and, most of all, they keep up together! Like the tie that binds us together, friendship bracelets allow us to keep those we love close to our hearts every single day. So, knot your way to Best Friends Day — and every day that follows — and show us the bracelets you design to keep your besties in mind! Post your accessories on social media using #HGUBFF and tag @horizongroupusa to be featured on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages!