Best Back to School Activities, from A to Z

Best Back to School Activities, from A to Z

Best Back to School Activities, from A to Z

Going back to school may look and feel a little different this year, but you can still find creative ways to incorporate a little something special into your curriculums! Whether you’re looking to integrate STEM learning into your curriculum or you’re on the hunt for the perfect after-school project, we’ve collected tons of hands-on kits that’ll get there before the bell rings. Put on your creativity caps and enjoy some of our favorite back to school activities — from A to Z!


A is for aromatherapy jewelry!

  • Calm those back to school nerves in style — design your own jewelry line that soothes and awakens the senses with the Aroma Jewelry set from Just My Style®! Fill up a dreamy pendant with your own signature aromatherapy blends using lavender, peppermint, and rose essential oils. Sprinkle in some sparkle, embellish your pendants with beads, and wear your aroma jewelry for comfort throughout the day!



B is for Baby Shark™!

  • Do-do-do-do you know how fun it is to color with Baby Shark?! Explore your creativity anytime, anywhere with a 50-page coloring pad, markers, crayons, stickers, and more — all inside the Baby Shark Coloring Case! Encourage self-expression and spark creativity as you color in the fin-tastic designs inside the coloring pad. Make a splash building fine motor skills, visual tracking, hand-eye coordination, and finger strength by peeling and sticking jaw-some designs anywhere you please! There are endless ways to have fun in the sun with this all-inclusive creativity set — just open up the carry case to dive in!


C is for Custom Candles!

  • From dorm rooms to homeschool rooms, bring a little extra Zen to any space with your own handmade candles! With fragrances like lavender, sweet orange, and rose — plus customizable tins and trendy stickers — the STMT D.I.Y. Custom Candles set makes it easy to learn how to create candles by hand. Whether you personalize your candles for a heartfelt back-to-school gift or use them to enhance the ambiance while you study, create with ease by following the fully-illustrated instruction booklet!


D is for Dinosaurs!

  • Pencils down, paintbrush up! Discover a whole new prehistoric world by painting a 3D dinosaur to life with Made By Me!®. Use the included paintbrush to design a custom 8-inch ceramic plaque and travel back in time when clay paintings and carvings covered cave walls! Dig deep inside your imagination as you mix and match colors to create dino-mite designs — the creative opportunities will never go extinct! After your 3D wall art dries, slide in nails or screws into the keyholes on the back of the plaque and hang your wall art to transform any space into a prehistoric world!


E is for Elephant!



F is for Fox!

  • What does the fox say? “Paint Me!” Tap into your Creative Roots™ and design your own one-of-a-kind fox! This 6-inch, ready-to-paint ceramic fox is the perfect blank canvas to display wild colors and patterns. Discover the art of color-mixing to create different hues, shades, and foxy decorative accents! When you’re finished painting, display your fox on a shelf, window sill, or in the garden! Just be sure to apply an exterior varnish to protect your fox from the elements.



G is for Gnome!

  • Paint a little gnome for your home and discover just how magical your creativity can be! With a touch of color and a little imagination, you can bring this 8-inch gnome to life! Create every color of the rainbow by mixing up the included primary colors. Then, show the world your new friend — keep him in a flower pot, on a shelf, or anywhere outside and extend his life with an exterior varnish!



H is for Hedgehog!



I is for It’s So Me!®

  • This year, make hydration stylish — customize your own BPA-free water bottle with this Water Bottle kit from It’s So Me! Make the magical graphics on the water bottle stand out, just like you, using 4 ultra-bright markers. Add a little something extra to your custom designs — stick on the adhesive gemstones for some sparkle and shine! When you’re all finished designing, fill up the water bottle, close the lid, and clip the carabiner onto your backpack, purse, lunchbox, or any other accessory to sip on-the-go!


J is for Jungle!

  • Take a walk on the wild side and unleash your inner ROAR as you paint your own Jungle Figurines with this Made By Me®! set! Complete with 2 ready-to-paint monkey and lion figurines, 5 vibrant paint colors, and a paintbrush — it’s never been easier to introduce a new activity to your homeschool curriculum or after-school plans!


K is for Kitty!

  • Which furry feline is our favorite? Hello Kitty®, of course! Squeeze and smoosh your way back to school with this super cute Squishy Journal! Whether you use it to write down your homework assignments or as a safe space to record your thoughts, fill every page of this 60-sheet diary with Hello Kitty happiness every day of the school year and beyond — don’t forget to stick on some cuteness with tons of sticker designs!


L is for Llama!

  • Ain’t no drama with this ready-to-paint llama! That’s right — everything you need to design a furry llama friend is included in this creative activity kit by Creative Roots™ — 6 easy-to-store paint pots, a paintbrush, and the sweetest 5.8-inch ceramic llama! Paint it during your at-home art class or homework break, then display it inside or outside!


M is for Mixy Squish™!

  • Transform airy, fluffy clay into a world of seriously squishy, textured fun with the Mixy Squish Deluxe Pack! Complete with 20 oz. of pre-made, pre-textured clay colors, 14 sculpting tools, and 3 double-sided molds, the creative opportunities are endless! Follow the fully-illustrated instructions to learn how to make basic shapes, use your tools, and create fun projects like s’mores and rainbows. Or, let your creativity run the show and create super squishy creations of your own — Mixy Squish sticks to itself, not your hands, which takes sensory fun to a whole new level! After making your masterpieces, let the air-dried squishiness take the lead — your creations will be completely dry after 48 hours, but they’ll stay soft and spongy!


N is for Next Style!

  • Whether you’re in the halls or on video calls, stay safe and stay crafty! Discover how easy it is to create your own protective face coverings with Next Style bundle kits! From denim to camouflage, tie-dye to leopard — these 100% cotton masks are pre-sewn and ready-to-use! Just add a little extra style with the included patches or bling. Iron-on the trendy designs, slide the included elastic through the loops on either end of the mask, tie a knot to secure, and wrap the mask around your nose and mouth — tightening or loosening the elastic until you find the perfect fit! Wear your face coverings whenever you need a little extra protection, and throw them in the washer to keep them clean in between uses — just use cold water!


O is for O.M.G.!

  • Calling all L.O.L. Surprise™! lovers — are you ready to dress-up the trendiest O.M.G. sisters?! The L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Ultimate Dress-Up Designer includes 3 life-sized dolls, 12 surprise accessory packs, gemstones, and more — all so you can slay the runway! Mix and match tons of trendy stickers to give Royal Bee, Lady Diva, and Swag their signature looks — don’t forget to bling it on with adhesive gemstones! After creating unstoppable glam, unfold the stand on the dolls’ back to make them shine bright in the spotlight and slay the runway!


P is for Pets!

  • Get ready to paint the purr-fect pair for your classroom with the Made By Me® Paint Your Own Pet Figurines set! These ready-to-paint cat and dog figurines make it easy for little ones to explore their big imaginations as soon as they pick up the paintbrush! Unleash creativity by designing unique color patterns and details on your new furr-ever friends —  use your paws to discover the art of color mixing! Explore all the ways creative expression can help inspire storytelling — in and out of the classroom — from the second you open the box to the moment you add the finishing touch!


Q is for Quilt-Making!

  • Embrace the new school year with a new skill — quilt-making! The Made By Me® Quilt-Making kit is the perfect way to learn how to master this timeless art! Complete with 24 colorful fleece squares, dozens of felt embellishments, fabric glue, and easy-to-follow instructions — all you need to do to make your own cozy quilt is knot, pull, and repeat!



R is for Rescue!


S is for Stationery!

  • Nothing says first-day ready like fresh, new stationery! From back to school party invites to heartwarming greeting cards, the STMT D.I.Y. Social Stationery Set puts a modern twist on classic stationery supplies. Pick from rose gold ombré designs or meaningful mantras to create handmade cards that are uniquely your own. Write down your messages using the pen or markers, and add a little something extra using foil glue and sheets! Stamp on the style with 6 premium wooden stamps and elegantly designed pages, then stick your cards into the included envelopes and send the love!


T is for Turtle!

  • Shell-abrate your creativity and paint your favorite sea creature to life with the Paint Your Own Turtle Stepping Stone from Creative Roots™! This set includes a ready-to-paint, 8.25-inch turtle stepping stone — no messy molding, only creative fun. Paint turtle-y unique mosaic patterns on the stone and dive into the art of color mixing to create aquatic hues, vibrant color schemes, and decorative accents that really bring it to life. Keep your turtle inside or let it explore the great outdoors — just be sure to apply a protective exterior varnish so it can keep swimming through the elements!


U is for Unicorn!

  • Bring a little extra magic to the classroom and paint your own unicorn and friends! This creative activity kit from Made By Me® includes everything you need to bring your favorite mystical creatures to life — in 3D! Make waves with a magical mermaid, sparkle with a stellar unicorn, or design the happiest of rainbows with 10 bright acrylic paints and a paintbrush! Who says life isn’t all rainbows, unicorns, and mermaids?!


V is for Vendees™!




W is for Window Art!



X is for eXtreme Chemistry!

  • Run your own scientific laboratory with this interactive STEM kit by Discovery™! Walk in the footsteps of a chemist by conducting 40 hands-on experiments using real chemistry tools and compounds. Follow the scientific method and let the easy-to-understand instructions guide you through dozens of activities that make learning fun. Test and identify acids and bases by mixing up litmus solutions — then test your taste buds. Explore and create polymers, learn the science behind gasses, bubbles, and fizz — then see how you can make glowing ectoplasms and more! Every experiment in the Extreme Chemistry Lab is an exciting, hands-on learning opportunity that reveals all the wonderful ways chemistry connects to the world around you.


Y is for YOUniverse®!

  • Get ready to explore the wonders of water — and the science behind it — with 10 mer-mazing experiments! The YOUniverse Mermaid Matter Laboratory brings science and art together, so every little learner can discover how beautiful learning can be! Watch a mermaid dance as you put real-world science theories to the test. Defy the laws of gravity by learning how density and surface tension work. Have a bubbly blast as you create simple chemical reactions. Our amazing YOUniverse is full of wonder, and when you dive into the Mermaid Matter Laboratory, you can explore it all!


Z is for Zone!




What’s your favorite way to learn through creativity? We’d love to see it! Show us the back to school activities you’re trying out this year by snapping a photo and posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — tag @horizongroupusa to be featured on our pages!