Top 10 Back to School Essentials for Students & Teachers

Top 10 Back to School Essentials for Students & Teachers

Top 10 Back to School Essentials for Students & Teachers

As summer breezes cool, school buses hit the streets and pens and pencils come out of their boxes. It’s that time of year again — and we’re making back to school shopping as easy as A-B-C! Check out our top 10 back to school essentials for students and teachers hitting the books this year:




1. STMT Agenda Set

STMT DIY Agenda Set

Who says you can’t make a statement with your agenda?! Write down reminders, keep track of assignments, and crush every due date! Complete with colorful glitter, gel pens, sticky notes, paper craft essentials, and more — grab a STMT Agenda Set from Amazon, Blick, or Michaels and organize your days in style.


2. It’s So Me!® Squishy Diary

It's So Me Squishy Unicorn Diary

Keep your thoughts close and your unicorn squad closer with the It’s So Me!® Squishy Unicorn Diary! Squeeze and squish your unicorn cover, and make every page uniquely your own with trendy stickers super cute doodles. Head over to Target and get ready to share your stand-out stories this school year!


3. Making in the Moment™ Galaxy Journal

Making In The Moment Liquid Galaxy Journal

Reach for the stars and let your imagination flow every day of the school year. Think about your dreams as you touch, move, and watch the shimmery liquid spread the sparkling stars and glitter around the cover of your Making in the Moment Galaxy Journal. Then, write down your goals and memories with scented gel pens, and infuse extra excitement in your favorite stories with stickers, cut-out shapes, and more. Visit Barnes & Noble, Indigo, or Target — and start shining!


4. STMT DIY Cosmetics Case

STMT Cosmetics Case

Soothe back to school nerves and create the ultimate spa experience — right at home. From DIY face masks to nail art and temporary tattoos, embrace your first day back fresh-faced and sparkling. Grab your STMT Cosmetics Case from Learning Express and get ready to whip up your own signature formulas and beauty essentials!


5. Just My Style® Unicorn Messenger Bag

Just My Style Unicorn Messenger Bag

Personalize, accessorize, and express yourself with this on-the-go essential — styled by you! Bring out the beauty in every original design with vibrant markers, and glamorize with adhesive gemstones to make the details pop. Ready to hit the hallways in style? Snag the Just My Style® Unicorn Messenger Bag at Amazon or Walmart and carry inspiration everywhere you go.



6. L.O.L. Surprise!™ Water Bottle

LOL Surprise Water Bottle

Color. Sparkle. Hydrate. Repeat. This ready-to-design, BPA-free water bottle makes your personal style sparkle and on-the-go hydration fun! Pre-printed with your favorite L.O.L. Tots and super cool phrases, use the markers and the gemstones to make your water bottle pop. Get your own water bottle kit right on Amazon!




7. Discovery™ Prehistoric SLIMYGLOOP® Dig

Discovery Kids Prehistoric SLIMYGLOOP Dig

Engage your students with their favorite pastime — SUPER SLIMY FUN! Dig into a fun sensory experience with slimy excavations, 3D dinosaur puzzles, and educational content buried within every corner. Start here!


8. Discovery™ Geology Sand Dig

Discovery Kids Geology Sand Dig

Explore the layers of the Earth with educational fun! Unearth 9 natural Earth stones — from pumice to slate, shale to marble and more — while heightening the senses as you cut through satisfying layers of sand using the included dig tool. Start discovering at Walmart.


9. STMT Planner

STMT Planner

Getting back to school can be hectic — but you can contain the chaos! Plan your lessons, organize your schedule, and arrange fun times outside the classroom with the STMT Planner Set. Infuse some fun into your daily tasks with gel pens and stickers, and make important notes pop with glitter tape! Grab the stylish accessory that’ll get you through the day at Amazon, Indigo, or Target.


10. STMT Water Bottle

STMT Water Bottle

Monogram your own water bottle and run the classroom in style! This built-to-last, BPA-free water bottle comes with a built-in straw for quick and easy hydration — plus trendy gold foil letters for a signature look that stands out. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Michaels, the STMT DIY Monogram water bottle will empower you to look great while you hydrate.