7 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself!

7 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself!

7 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself!

It’s February, and you know what that means: Heart eyes, heart eyes, and more heart eyes! That’s right, it’s officially the 2021 season of love — but this year, we’re challenging you to show yours differently: Be kind to yourself! From soothing crafts to creative exercises and even more excuses to take time to unwind, these self-care activities are sure to win your heart.


Dazz the Day Away!

From the moment you open the box to the second you place your last gemstone, creating your own DAZZ 3D Gemstone Art is more than relaxing — it’s fun! With color-coordinated posters, a gemming tool, adhesive putty, and hundreds of sparkling rhinestones — this gem of a craft is the perfect way to unplug and create something beautiful, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist. Just match the gemstones to their labels on the poster and watch your designs sparkle to life!


Immerse Yourself in the Wonder of Watercolors

Whether you’re already an experienced watercolor artist or this is your first time exploring the art form, the Creative You® Inspired Watercolor Set comes with all the essentials you need to dive in. But watercolors are more than just an art medium — they’re a way for you to paint a world of your creation, and there’s no such thing as a mistake! Make any of the book’s pre-printed designs completely your own, and let them inspire you to freehand and see where your imagination takes you on the blank pages!


Keep Calm & Color On

Did you know that coloring induces the same mental state as meditation? That’s right: Coloring inside the lines can literally relax your brain — and the Creative You® Colorful Art-Making Set is the perfect opportunity to unwind and ease your mind. Each of the 24 designs in this mindfulness-based coloring book has been created to soothe — just flip through the pages to find the ones you like best, and use the included colored pencils, brush markers, or gel pen to bring them all to life.


Roll into Relaxation

From aromatherapy to meditation, essential oils and crystals are must-haves for mindful moments and everyday relaxation — why not choose both? Carry a little extra zen with you and embrace a sense of calm whenever you need it by creating your own Custom Crystal Essential Oil Rollers. Mix and match a vibrant array of scents — from lavender and rose to ylang-ylang and orange — with precious crystals like rose quartz, amethyst, and citrine inside conveniently-sized roller bottles. Then, rub on your wrists, neck, and other pressure points to indulge in their natural benefits anytime, anywhere.


Journal for Joy

Record your thoughts, create art, manifest your goals, make your favorite memories last a lifetime — the STMT DIY Journaling Set is the perfect way to capture any moment in time. Open up the spiral-bound journal to find 176 pages to express yourself freely. Write it all out with the ballpoint pen and use stationery essentials like stickers, glitter tape, frames, and more to make each page special — clip the tassel keychain onto the journal for a little extra flair. Whether you use it as a scrapbook, agenda, or a safe space to create, when it comes to journaling, the only rule is to do it in a way that works for you!


Celebrate Big & Little Wins

With the STMT D.I.Y. Custom Planner set, all you need to do to make your goals a reality is write them down! This planner makes it easy to create short and long-term goals that you can put into action any time of the year — the blank calendar pages feature vibrant reminders to create a positive mindset! Use the monthly view pages to build those good habits — define and breakdown your goals and priorities by following the prompts. Create weekly action plans to incorporate into your everyday life and make the important stuff pop with tons of trendy stationery essentials. Whenever you aren’t using your planner, you can still keep it close, just pop on the rose-gold elastic closure and keep achieving those goals!


Self-Care Day

With handmade candles, custom body lotions, and a portable essential oil diffuser, you can create your own zen zone right at home. Discover how easy it is to make your own candles using soy wax chips, fragrances, tins, and stickers — then embrace a peaceful ambiance in any space you please. Combine a few simple ingredients to design custom body lotions and perfume bars with jojoba oil that leaves your skin smooth and moisturized. Fill a portable diffuser with water and add a few drops of stress-relieving essential oils to create your own world of calm anytime, anywhere. Who says you need the spa to achieve the ultimate relaxation?


MoodJoy™ Sneak Peak

With vegan-friendly formulas, clean-beauty products free from harsh chemicals — plus tons of activities designed with your well-being in mind — MoodJoy™ is our new, specially curated line of mood-boosting activity kits that make self-care simple! Stay tuned for the big release!


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