5 Ways to Have an Out-of-this-World Day

5 Ways to Have an Out-of-this-World Day

5 Ways to Have an Out-of-this-World Day

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to create a solar system inside your home? Or if dinosaurs have dance parties in space? Get ready for an adventure into another galaxy — where little learners can unleash their big imaginations and discover just how out-of-this-world the indoors can be!


1. Dig into a galactic, fizzy world!

Most gemstones form far below the Earth’s surface, but with the Discovery® Galactic Fizzing Dig, they form in outer space! Transform your kitchen into the ultimate dig site and channel your inner archaeologist — you’re about to break into a world of precious, hidden gemstones! How will you find all 6? Use the chisel and mallet to excavate the gems from the planets, or drop the digs into a bowl of water to watch them fizz away and reveal the magic hidden inside! Get an up-close and personal look at your treasures using the magnifying glass, and try holding your gemstones in the light to see tons of magical colors!


2. Blast off into SLIMYGLOOP® space!


When pre-made slime meets out-of-this-world embellishments and exciting textures, an intergalactic SLIMYGLOOP® adventure begins. The second you remove your slime from the reusable container, it’s ready to be transformed — fold in silver sequins and star spangles to create a slimy, starry night. Then add in glow-in-the-dark pony beads for seriously stellar sensory play. From the first stretch to the last fold, SLIMYGLOOP® Galaxy Mix’Ems make for hours and hours of cosmic fun!


3. Mold, stretch, and expand a dino-mite galaxy of your own creation!

How do you organize a party in space? You planet! With 3 lbs. of pre-made SLIMYSAND™ in 4 different colors — plus 9 super stellar molds and rollers — you can create your own dinosaur galaxy, right at home! Pump up your favorite space jams and pack any color SLIMYSAND™ into the Brontosaurus, T-Rex, and planet molds to have a dinosaur dance party. Create an alien invasion with asteroids and extraterrestrials molds — then send them back to their home planet with impression plates and rollers! Nothing can tricera-top this moldable, stretchable, expandable sensory experience!


4. Send your stress to another planet with a squeeze and a squoosh!

Stars expand, glitter glides, and stress fades away with every squish and squeeze of your Galaxy Squoosh-O’s™. Fill up 4 star-printed balloons with exciting textures like expanding water crystals and glitter, then tie a knot and watch your eye-catching universe come to life. Creating your own stress balls is more than just a great way to strengthen fine motor skills — it’s the perfect way to space out and unwind!



5. Seatbelts, everyone! The Magic School Bus departs into space in 5… 4… 3…

Prepare for a wild ride into the universe with Ms. Frizzle! From locating constellations with a specialized astronomical device to creating a mobile solar system and even building a night-vision flashlight — uncover the magic and mystery of outer space with the Magic School Bus Space Lab. It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for all Young Scientists!


Keep the adventure going — there are endless creative landscapes to explore!