5 Ways to Foster Independent Play

5 Ways to Foster Independent Play

5 Ways to Foster Independent Play

One of the most magical destinations is inside our imaginations — it’s a fact that rings true regardless of our age! When children have the chance to explore their imaginations through independent play, they’re not just relaxing their minds and having fun — they’re also learning some of the most vital life skills. From strengthening creative problem-solving abilities to developing self-confidence and focus, independent play lets children go on a journey into their own imaginations and learn through play. Here are five ways you can get started:


Discover the magic of storytelling with on-the-go dress-up fun!

The Story Magic™ Travel Dress-Up Dolls set let’s little ones mix and match over 80 magnetic outfits and accessories on three best friends while encouraging them to create their own adventures. Fill in the blanks on the mini story maker to create a meaningful tale, then use the imaginative play scenes to bring it all to life! Store all of the dress-up goodies in the metal playset and bring it with you wherever you go to keep creating Story Magic — even on-the-go!

Nothing compares to completing a handmade project — learn how to make something beautiful with your hands!

Let your little creator weave their way into a new skill with the Made By Me® Quilt Making kit! Strengthen fine motor skills while easily knotting over 20 colorful fleece squares together to create a cozy 59” x 39” quilt — no sewing or cutting necessary. Then, keep exploring creativity and make your quilt completely unique by gluing on over 20 felt embellishments using the included fabric glue!


Create your own 3D mosaic masterpiece with Sparkle Magic™ — just peel, stick, and display!

Peel back the sticky sheet from the vibrantly illustrated art sheets and stick the coordinating gemstones onto their matching spaces. Build fine motor skills, visual tracking, hand-eye coordination, and finger strength while you watch your masterpiece sparkle to life! Then, use the satin cording to hang up your dazzling creations!

Immerse yourself in the ultimate sensory experience with SLIMYSAND™!

As soon as you reach in and grab your SLIMYSAND™ from the reusable bucket, you’ll feel the difference — it molds like sand and stretches like SLIMYGLOOP®! Children can pack it into their favorite shapes, let it run through their fingers, or crush their creations and watch them expand — SLIMYSAND™ doesn’t just make for a less-mess sensory experience; it allows for hours and hours of open-ended play! Collect every color and combine with impression plates, clay tools, and more!


Explore the craftiest corner of the internet, craftprojectideas.com!

This award-winning creative hub features over 700 craft projects fit for every skill level using our entire Kid’s Craft product line. From seasonal craft challenges to weekly how-to’s, every featured project comes from experienced artists and educators with a passion for teaching art to children (and adults) in the online space. This creative resource makes it easy to find do-it-yourself craft ideas — sorted by age range, theme, material, or season — that inspire, innovate, and engage independent play for kids!


By letting children relax their minds and play independently, we give them freedom — freedom to try new things, take healthy risks, create ideas, and learn to trust themselves! We’d love to see how independent play helps your little one explore the wonders of their big imaginations — post a photo of your play day with #HomemadeWithHorizon and tag @horizongroupusa to be featured on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages!