5 Fin-tastic Water Play Activities

5 Fin-tastic Water Play Activities

5 Fin-tastic Water Play Activities

Is there any better time to make a splash than when you’re having fun in the sun?! Water play is more than just a creative way to cool off on hot days — it also offers tons of opportunities for little ones to learn! From fine motor practice to problem-solving skills and even a little bit of science and math, dive into these 5 ways to learn through play!


1. SLIMYGLOOP® Aqua Dough

With SLIMYGLOOP® Shark Aqua Dough, you can create your own water toys that stretch, mold, float, and change colors! Play with your Aqua Dough in buckets or bowls of water for a fun, sensory experience — use the included shark mold to create a soft and squishy floating water toy, or squish, stretch, and squeeze the dough in the water! SLIMYGLOOP® Aqua Dough is water-resistant, so it won’t fall apart or dissolve while you play — and it never dries out! Keep playing with the dough to watch it change colors, from blue to pink, light green to white, and purple to blue. When you’re all finished playing, wring out excess water and let it dry completely before storing the Aqua Dough in the reusable container for the next time you want to make a splash! Do not use the Aqua Dough in pools, bathtubs, or sinks to avoid drainage issues.


2. Water Beads

Watch colorful beads transform from hard spheres into soft, squishy bubbles when they meet water! Pour rainbow water beads into a bucket or bowl of water to let them grow and expand — then reach in and feel the fun! Plunge your hands into the beads, count and coordinate the colors, grab a handful and explore their texture — then use them to make art! This Water Bead Art Set from Made By Me!® doesn’t just offer an opportunity for children to explore colors and sounds as they fill each fun-shaped bottle — the stickers they’ll use to decorate their creations will also help them learn emotions. Try shaking the bottles for an added sensory experience! What’s the best part about water beads? They’re reusable! Just remove them from the water and watch them shrink back to their regular size, then add water and play again!


3. Rainbow Glitter Sensory Bottles

With a dash of glitter, a drop of food coloring, and a recycled water bottle — you can create a rainbow that always shines bright! Whether you use it as a calm-down jar or a creative twist on iSpy — sensory bottles allow children to get creative, explore their senses, regulate their emotions, observe the concepts of sinking and floating, and so much more! Plus, you can enjoy water play inside OR outside — both without making too much of a splash.


4. Chromatic Chromatography Experiment

At Horizon Group USA, we’re all about learning through play — and science can be creative too! Snag some extra coffee filters, washable markers, and a cup of water to discover how colors separate! Draw designs on the filters before submerging them in water and watch carefully to see what happens. This quick, easy experiment gives kids the chance to make hypotheses, test color separation, and learn cause & effect — all while creating cool artwork!


5. Tie-Dye Paper Experiment

Would it really be summer if tie-dye wasn’t involved?! Instead of using dyes and your clothes, try some different materials — paint and paper towels! Practice those fine motor skills as you learn a new creative technique, then experiment with different outcomes! What happens when you change up your folds and paint colors?! After tie-dyeing your paper, use it as a canvas to create a summertime craft!


Looking for more ways to make waves?! Stay tuned for brand-new products coming soon from the Princess of Play and your favorite under-the-sea friend, Baby Shark! In the meantime, show us how you make a splash! Post a photo of your next water play day using #HomemadeWithHorizon and tag @horizongroupusa to be featured on our Instagram or Facebook!