2019 Holidays With Horizon Gift Guide

2019 Holidays With Horizon Gift Guide

2019 Holidays With Horizon Gift Guide

At Horizon Group USA, we know how tough it can be to find the perfect gift for your loved ones and friends. The good news? You don’t have to hunt. We’ve got something for everyone!


For the SLIMYGLOOP® collector…


Skip the mess and get straight to the colorful sensory fun! With SLIMYGLOOP Mix’Ems, you can transform ordinary slime into otherworldly creations. Just remove your ready-made SLIMYGLOOP from the reusable storage containers and add unique compounds into every fold. From the perfect combination of sparkly, vibrant textures to fuzzy embellishments and crunchy creations — squish, squeeze, stretch, and twist your SLIMYGLOOP for hours and hours of sensory fun!



SLIMYGLOOP® Snow Globe Squishy Chums

Watch SLIMYGLOOP paint transform into super squishy 3D pets — and keep them safe in a super cool snow globe aquarium! Choose from 8 fun-shaped SLIMYGLOOP Squishy Chums molds, then create and decorate each one with vibrant paints and patterns. After mixing and molding simple ingredients, the most exciting reaction takes place in just a few seconds — as gooey goes squishy, miniature creatures come to life! Watch your Squishy Chums shrink into super cool shapes, and keep them in their fun new home — decorated by you! Embellish your snow globe aquarium with fun stickers and show your friends your new favorite pets!



Are you ready for the most extreme sensory experience? With over 250 accessories and easy-to-mix ingredients, you can take your SLIYMGLOOP fun to the next level. Create over 10 squishable, squeezable, stretchable, and twistable SLIMYGLOOP creations with easy-to-mix ingredients and eye-catching add-ins. Choose from themes like neon, holographic, glow-in-the-dark, quicksand, and more. Then, create fun textures with beads, sand, sequins, shimmery glitter, and colorful dyes! Whatever you choose, keep experimenting with the ingredients to create any SLIMYGLOOP® you can imagine!



For your sweet tooth…


Who says you can’t play with your SLIMYGLOOP® and eat it too? CANDYGLOOP lets you combine simple, slimy ingredients you can play with AND eat! Just follow the easy-to-understand instructions to make fun, tasty slime in 3 quick steps — stretch it, fold it, eat it! Get creative and add interesting ingredients like delicious candies to make your CANDYGLOOP truly unique, and collect all 4 flavors to share with your friends!



For little ones with big imaginations…


Mold it. Stretch it. Expand it. SLIMYSAND molds like sand and stretches like SLIMYGLOOP® — which means endless of sensory fun with the easiest cleanup and storage. Pack it into the molds and gently lift to reveal the perfectly packed shapes. Let it run between your fingers to see how it drops and expands. Stretch it and swirl it to immerse yourself in layers and layers of expandable goodness. When combined with rollers, impression plates, clay tools, and more, group or independent play goes to the next level. When it comes to SLIMYSAND, there are no boundaries for fun!



SLIMYSAND Sweet Treats

Get ready for some sweet SLIMYSAND™ goodness! With 2 lbs. of pre-made SLIMYSAND in 5 different colors — plus 8 super sweet molds — you can mold, stretch, and expand a batch of creations shaped just like your favorite dessert! Pack and layer different colored SLIMYSAND into your molds, flip them onto your included play tray, gently lift, and get ready to bake — without the oven or the mess! From donuts to cookies and candies to cake, this reusable set makes for hours and hours of the sweetest sensory play with the easiest cleanup.



SLIMYSAND Construct and Crush

Create the ultimate construction zone that molds like sand and stretches like SLIMYGLOOP®! With 2 lbs. of pre-made SLIMYSAND™ in 2 different colors — plus 5 construction-themed molds and rollers — you can build, remodel, and crush your own construction site, without the mess. Pack any color SLIMYSAND into your construction zone mold, complete with cones, rocks, arrows, and roadblocks — gently lift it up, and get ready to work. Give your construction crew their bulldozers and dump trucks, use your rollers to pave the streets, and have fun mixing and matching SLIMYSAND colors in every one of your construction creations! This reusable set makes for hours and hours of the ultimate sensory play — with easy cleanup!



For your Baby Shark…

Baby Shark Bath Art Creations

Liven up bath time as you create bright and colorful artwork with Pinkfong Baby Shark Art Creations! With fun bath paints dissolvable stickers and 8 washable crayons, your little one can make an exciting splash as they express their big creativity in the bath! Every bath art component washes off and dissolves in a flash — which means easy clean-up and fun for every shark in the family! This relaxing yet stimulating activity will encourage creative thinking to see art in unexpected places. Plus, this set is safe and eco-friendly!



Baby Shark Coloring Activities Case

Color, draw, and decorate Baby Shark’s most exciting adventures — anywhere you go! From mini markers to crayons, sticker sheets to stamp makers, and even a super cute coloring pad, the Baby Shark Grab & Go Activity Kits encourages creative thinking and sparks imagination. Embellish and personalize the Baby Shark family with colorful patterns and designs using bright markers and crayons! Make your works of art pop with fun shark stickers and stamps. Use the sturdy case to store all your Baby Shark art creations, and keep creating wherever you please!



Baby Shark Stamp & Sticker Studio

Make a splash in a world of your own with the Baby Shark Stamp & Sticker Studio! With over 75 stickers, stamps, and coloring activities to choose from — plus a super squishy and satisfying coloring pad — your Baby Shark can express their creativity with hours of coloring fun! Draw and design one-of-a-kind works of art that bring your Baby Shark illustrations to life as you detail each page with Baby Shark themed stamps, puffy stickers, and more! Get interactive as you touch, move, and watch the shimmery liquid swim across the activity book. Then, open it up for exciting illustrations of Baby Shark adventures you can make your own! With scented gel pens, glitter glue, and holographic stickers, the Baby Shark fun never ends.



Baby Shark SLIMYGLOOP® Mix’Ems™

Do-do-do-do you know how much sensory fun Baby Shark SLIMYGLOOP Mix’Ems are?! With shimmery glitter and exciting surprises, swimming with sharks never felt so good! Just remove the ready-made SLIMYGLOOP from the reusable storage container and start folding in embellishments to take your slimy creation to the next level. Submerge the exciting baby shark figurines into your colorful SLIMYGLOOP and play sensory “iSpy,” or stretch the SLIMYGLOOP until you can see it through the sparkling slew of slime! Squeeze it, stretch it, twist it, squish it —SLIMYGLOOP Mix’Ems is an easy and fun sensory experience that everyone will love.



For Your L.O.L. Surprise! Tot…

LOL Surprise Rolling Beauty Case

Create your own sparkling lip glosses, dazzling nail designs, and fierce body art with the L.O.L. Surprise Rolling Beauty Case! Get ur glitter on as you create your own line of shimmering lip glosses — embellished with sweet scents, sparkling shimmer, and fab colors. Express your creativity and run the world in style with oh-so-radical body art designs and adorbs temporary tattoos with your favorite L.O.L. Tots! Strike a pose using the glam nail polishes to create nail art that stands out, or stick on some faux nails to slay all day! Shine bright with glitter and stickers, or create your own outrageous designs! Pack away your supplies and stay organized using the cool Rolling Beauty Case. Have a blast getting creative with endless beauty activities perfect for all of your BFFs 4 Eva!



LOL Surprise Water Bottle

Design a one-of-a-kind, go-to accessory with the L.O.L. Surprise Color Your Own Water Bottle kit! Adorn your water bottle with vibrant colors to display all of the sassy babies and fun catchphrases that express your personal style. Accent your designs with sparkly gemstones in rainbow colors to make your water bottle pop! This BPA-free water bottle is safe and convenient for everyday use, so you can stay hydrated on-the-go and slay all day!



LOL Surprise Color Change Lip Gloss

We R on a mission to glamorize, and with the L.O.L. Surprise Color-Changing Lip Gloss set — you will be too! Stay fab with customizable lip creations that turn to a shade that reflects your inner sparkle. Mix and create your own line of 5 fierce multicolored and multiflavored glosses that will only reveal their oh so radical colors when applied to your lips! And with a seriously adorbs surprise accessory, you can get ur glitter on wherever you go!



For every soon-to-be-engineer…

Discovery Monster Truck

With the Discovery Build Your Own Monster Truck kit, soon-to-be engineers can create the monster truck of their dreams! Customize with hand-painted details, make it unique with sticker details, and experiment with color schemes to make this monster truck one-of-a-kind! After building and painting, take the biggest, baddest monster truck for a spin using the included off-road action wheels! Learn what it takes to make a customized and functional craft — then keep learning while you have fun with the included bonus poster!



For the stylish creator…

Just My Style Magical Glitter Scrapbook

Keep your favorite memories close and let your true colors shine with the Just My Style® Magical Glitter Scrapbook! Packed with over 1,200 trendy scrapbooking essentials —including a sturdy, 30-page post-bound scrapbook — you’ll have enough accessories to make each page uniquely yours. Make your BFF’s day and send surprise snail mail with the envelopes and cards, or express yourself with the emoticon stickers and punch-outs. Make a keepsake to hold your most cherished memories close, forever!



Made By Me! Unicorn & Friends

Unleash your imagination through creative painting with Made By Me! Unicorn & Friends set! With a pop of color, a dash of magic, and a touch of wonder — you can bring your majestic ceramic characters to life. Let your creativity run wild as you paint and design fun patterns. Discover the art of color-mixing as you combine paint colors to create new hues and shades that make details pop! Proudly display your one-of-a-kind figurine to enhance your room’s décor or use it as a thoughtful gift for a friend!



For the surprise seeker…


Discover just how magical surprises can be with Vendees™ Surprise D.I.Y. dispensers! From glittery unicorns to sweet treats, colorful lip balms, and wild nail art — Vendees combines vending machine fun with imaginative, creative activities. Pull and unravel the compartments to retrieve the themed surprises inside, and express your personal style through an exciting D.I.Y. activity! Collect all 4 of the Vendees Surprise sets to find all 12 of the super fun surprises!




For those who love all things sparkly…

Sparkle Magic 3D

Express your creativity and explore your imagination as you create a sparkling 3D mosaic with Sparkle Magic 3D! Apply colorful, shimmery gemstones onto your ceramic figurine — from magical mermaids to the sweetest slice of cake — and watch it sparkle to life, right before your eyes. Add exciting details as you design fun color patterns that bring pops of dimension and texture to your figurine. As you decorate your figurine with one-of-a-kind flair, you can discover how fun and relaxing unique art mediums can really be.



YOUniverse™ Crystal Growing Unicorn

Grow your own crystal unicorn — make it magical, watch it shine! With the YOUniverse Crystal Growing Unicorn set, you can discover the science behind crystallization as you create a crystal-filled unicorn. Experiment with cool ingredients and explore simple chemical reactions that result in gorgeous crystal formations. Then, bring the magic to life with stellar paints in vibrant colors that shimmer in the light! Show the world your glistening creation and creative eye by displaying the unicorn in a well-lit area where it can shine bright!



Made By Me Sparkle Magic

Peel. Stick. Display. In just three steps, you can design the most beautiful mosaic masterpieces — in 3D! Peel back the vibrantly illustrated adhesive sheet and begin placing the gemstones anywhere you please on the sticky background. Place gems in any pattern and gradually see your artwork come to life. Once complete, hang your dazzling creations for all to see using the including satin cording! Enhance room décor or give a gift that shines to friends and family. Get creative and make 3D cards by writing notes on the back!



For every Brainiac…

ThinkBox Thinking Puzzles

Can you open the wooden chest or disconnect the infinity twist? Get your brain moving and engaged with 8 activities in the ThinkBox Thinking Puzzles set! Explore wooden and metal puzzles that really challenge you to think outside of the box — and complete 3D puzzles that make for great additions to coffee tables or offices! The included wooden tray makes storage easy and is the perfect challenge for every puzzle enthusiast, at any age.



For the D.I.Y. obsessed…

STMT Alphabet Jewelry

Create 10 premium pieces of personalized jewelry with the STMT D.I.Y. Alphabet Jewelry kit! Spell out your name, favorite quotes, or inside jokes between you and your friends — and create trendy personalized accessories to accent any outfit. With various chains and cording, you can design jewelry that suits every occasion — or create the perfect gifts for every friend. Jump right in to get started and follow along with the instruction booklet for some inspiration and jewelry-making tips.



STMT DIY Cosmetics Case

Create the ultimate spa experience — right at home — and you design your own beauty essentials with the STMT D.I.Y. Cosmetic Case! This fun-packed beauty case includes the materials you need to create your own beautiful line that will make your nails pop and skin shimmer. Create salon-quality nail art using vibrant polishes and decals, or create glitz and glam body art with colorful metallic temporary tattoos for the ultimate shimmery detail. Whip up signature formulas to relax and unwind with 3 soothing face masks that awaken the senses. As soon as you open up the case, the creativity — and relaxation — are endless.



STMT DIY Bath Bombs & Spa Set

Create an at-home spa experience that makes stress fizz away with the STMT D.I.Y. Bath Bombs & Spa set. Mix and mold colorful mica powders, dried flowers, and shimmer with relaxing essential oils to melt away the stress of the day and awaken the senses. Combine sweet-smelling, floral fragrances with colors of your choosing to create aroma shimmer oils that can be taken anywhere you go. Use this kit to create over 10 bath bombs and spa essentials!