Holidays With Horizon: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Holidays With Horizon: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Holidays With Horizon: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays! Still searching for the perfect gift this year? Give the gift of creativity! Here are some of the hottest holiday gifts this season for crafters of any age or skill level. From slime to science to style, there’s something here for everyone!



Gifts for Kids:



Mix simple ingredients to create a colorful and sparkly FizzyGloop™ explosion. After creating the eye-catching eruption, watch your FizzyGloop turn into ooey, gooey SLIMYGLOOP as you roll, squish and twist your creation.





Discovery Plasma Globe  

Experience electricity at your fingertips with the Discovery Plasma Globe! Simply touch the Plasma Globe to create an interactive light show as the electricity follows your every move.










Create and design 5 one-of-a-kind slime creations with the SLIMYGLOOP Laboratory kit! Simply combine the included ingredients using the mixing tools to make multiple slimes that feature bright colors, sparkle, bumpy textures and more. Show off your creativity with eye-catching effects by mixing in fun embellishments.





Discovery Galactic Fizzing Dig 

Experience the exciting process of unearthing 6 real gemstones like a true archaeologist with the Discovery Galactic Fizzing Dig kit! Dig your way through vibrant and fun shaped digs with the chisel and mallet, or place it in a bowl to watch it fizz, pop and bubble to reveal the colorful gemstones!








Made By Me Rock Art


Transform ordinary stones into colorful works of art with the Made by Me Rock Art kit! Use vibrant paint colors to create cool designs that make a statement and express your artistic eye. Create cool eye-catching effects by adding shimmery glitter glue details and metallic tattoos for one-of-a-kind creations.







Create oozy shimmering slimy spheres that dazzle when you create Ooz-O’s! Pop, squish and squeeze the spheres to touch and feel the ooey, gooey center. Create Ooz-O’s over and over again using the Ooz-O maker! Creating Ooz-O’s™ is a fun, hands-on way to introduce kids to chemistry and express creativity.


Check out the OOZ-O’s Ultimate Laboratory this holiday season!







 Discovery Extreme Chemistry Lab

Experience a scientific laboratory all your own with the Discovery Extreme Chemistry Lab! Explore over 20 fun experiments and simple chemical reactions for an exciting, hands-on, interactive learning experience.









Ultimate SLIMYGLOOP™ is an extreme sensory experience that includes over 250 accessories to create wide variety of SLIMYGLOOP™ creations! Create ten fun SLIMYGLOOP™ themes including, neon, holographic, glow-in-the-dark, rainbow, quicksand and more! Experiment with the ingredients to create any type of SLIMYGLOOP™ you can imagine.




 Made By Me Quilt Making

Create your very own quilt with this fun-filled Made by Me Quilt Making Kit! No sewing needed! Easily knot vibrant fringed squares together along with super cute embellishments to personalize a 59 in. x 39 in. cozy fleece quilt! Explore your creativity and express your personal style!







Discovery Build & Create Robotics Kit  


Build and create 3 robots powered by solar, salt and electric energy with the award-winning Discovery Build & Create Robotics kit! Explore three different energy sources and introduce your child to basic engineering. Build a spider robot that runs on electricity, a robot that transforms seven different ways and is powered by the sun, and build a car that runs on salt water!



Gifts for Tweens:


 Sugar Bombs

Put your design skills to the test with vibrant colors and fun patterns inspired by tasty treats with the Decorate Your Own Sugar Bombs! Create an eye-catching Sugar Bombs using sparkling glitter, colorful confetti, bright sprinkles and soap frosting! Place your decorated Sugar Bomb into a warm bowl of water and watch it fizz away turning the water a vibrant color. Once dissolved reach in and find a fun surprise!


STMT DIY Water Bottle  

Keep hydrated with the stylish and glittery STMT D.I.Y. Monogram Water Bottle! Personalize your very own trendy water bottle with gold letters that spell out your name, initials and more. This BPA free water bottle is safe and convenient for everyday use.







 STMT Agenda Set


Set goals, create a to-do list, write down your thoughts and never miss an important date with a customized day planner using the STMT Agenda set!








YOU*NIVERSE Fizzing Unicorn Dig 

Reveal bright and shimmery precious stones through a fizzing excavation with the YOU*niverse Fizzing Gem Dig! Chisel your way through colorful unicorn poop or place it in a bowl and watch it fizz to reveal vibrant gemstones such as turquoise, alabaster and rose crystals. Once you’ve found all of your gemstones, use the easy-to-follow instructions to learn how to create custom macramé cage jewelry and show off your beautiful discoveries!





 YOU*NIVERSE Sparkling Squishy Soaps

Enjoy sweet-smelling suds with every squish and squeeze when you create unique soaps with YOU*niverse Sparkling Squishy Soaps! Use liquid compounds and fun embellishments to create trendy soaps that are squishy to the touch as you learn the science behind soap making.





YOU*NIVERSE Cosmetics & Compounds 

Combine, mix and transform colorful compounds and liquids into glittery beauty favorites with the YOU*NIVERSE Cosmetics + Compounds Chemistry Lab! Prepare your laboratory station and take on chemistry projects that result in glowing experiments, shimmery lip balms and sparkly perfumes all created by you!





LOL Surprise Color Change Lip Gloss

Mix and create fun lip gloss flavors that reveal their color only when applied with the L.O.L. Surprise! Color Change Lip Balm kit! Each lip gloss contains a color changing gel base that turns a color shade unique to you, based on your body’s chemistry. The perfect activity for a makeup lover’s slumber party or a girls’ night in!