12 Ways to Make Waves!

12 Ways to Make Waves!

12 Ways to Make Waves!

Who says you need to go to the beach to explore the wonders of the sea?! Whether you’re a mermaid lover, a turtle-y terrific artist, an aspiring oceanographer, or even a Baby Shark — there are so many creative ways to make a splash right from home. Just dive into our favorite 12 under-the-sea activities!


1. Make a volcano erupt — underwater!

Did you know that volcanoes exist underwater?! These are known as submarine volcanoes, and many reside in an underwater volcanic mountain range, known as the Mid-Ocean Ridge. And with the Underwater Volcano Kit by Discovery™, you can recreate a real underwater eruption! Build your own volcano, place it inside the included aquarium, drop the fizzing tablet into the water, and watch an explosive reaction occur right before your eyes! Make it erupt over and over again with basic household ingredients, and explore an explosive underwater world with a fun bonus poster!


2. Hatch & raise your own prehistoric sea creatures!

Create an ecosystem for 220-million-year-old creatures with the Discovery™ Prehistoric Sea Creatures Set! Set up your aquarium and tape the background insert to the back of the tank to set the prehistoric scene. Then, pour in the bag of eggs from creatures with ancient origins, add water, and watch them hatch! In just a few days, your sea creatures will come alive, swim around the aquarium, and thrive! Raise and nurture these prehistoric wonders by feeding them the included sea creature food once every 2 days. Within 2 weeks, your prehistoric sea creatures will be fully grown, and they can even start laying eggs!


3. Watch out for sharks in the SLIMYGLOOP® sea!

Discover how fun it is to make a splash in an ooey-gooey, SLIMYGLOOP® sea with Shark Attack Mix’Ems! Skip the mess and get straight to the fun —  just remove the pre-made SLIMYGLOOP® from the reusable container and mix in jaw-some embellishments! Fold the crunchy shark sequins and shredded mylar into to aqua-colored SLIMYGLOOP® and watch it glisten! Then, play sensory iSpy with the super squishy shark — stretch to find it in the sparkling slew of slime!


4. Design your own line of beach-inspired accessories!

From cowrie shell chain necklaces to seashell beaded drop earrings and charming pearl bracelet, take your summer style to the next level with the STMT Chic Shell Jewelry set! Complete with pliers, jump rings, lobster clasps, premium chains, accessories, and more, you can create 10 gorgeous pieces while you discover the art of jewelry-making. Follow the fully-illustrated instructional booklet for step-by-step guidance, or dive right in and start creating!


5. Make art with water beads!

Watch colorful beads transform into vibrant bubbles when they meet water — then use them to make art with this Water Bead Art set from Made by Me!®! Pour the rainbow beads into a bowl of water to let them grow — reach in and feel the fun! Decorate the fun-shaped bottles with silly stickers, then bring your creations to life by pouring in the beads!


6. Shell-abrate your creativity!

Tap into your Creative Roots™ and paint your favorite sea creature to life! This set includes a ready-to-paint ceramic turtle stepping stone — so you can skip the messy molding and get right to the fun! Paint colorful mosaic patterns on the turtle and discover the art of color-mixing as you create wonderfully aquatic hues, vibrant color schemes, and decorative accents that bring it to life. Display your turtle stepping stone on a shelf, an indoor plant, an outdoor garden, or even a sandbox — just be sure to apply an exterior varnish to protect it from the elements!


7. Seas the day in a SLIMYSAND™ mermaid paradise!

Rolling waves. Hidden treasure. Stellar sandcastles. With 3 lbs. of pre-made SLIMYSAND™ in 3 different colors — plus 9 molds and rollers — you can dive into your very own moldable, stretchable, expandable sea world, without the mess! Pack any color SLIMYSAND™ into the seashore mold, and gently lift the play tray to reveal your mermaid sanctuary. Then, make a splash with fun creations that mold like sand and stretch like SLIMYGLOOP®! From silly sea creatures to magical mermaids — this reusable set makes for hours and hours of under-the-sea fun — and easy cleanup!


8. Create your own FIN-tastic Baby Shark™ Art!

Do-do-do-do you know how much fun it is to get creative with the Baby Shark Stamp & Sticker Studio?! Make a splash with dozens of colorful activities! Squeeze and squish the liquid-filled activity book and color your own jaw-some adventures with 8 vibrant markers and scented gel pens. Then, stamp and stick on the Baby Shark fun with puffy stickers, and mini self-inking stampers! With over 75 different art supplies swimming inside this all-in-one set, it’s easy to get wild & free with your creativity!


9. Satisfy your pimple-popping cravings under the sea!

Discover how much fun it can be to burst bubbles with the Mermaid Moles Squee-Zits! Fill up the mermaid’s hair and shell with bright pink lotion and let the popping begin! As you squish each cavity, the bright-colored goo will spiral and squirt out. Keep re-filling the seashell and mermaid with the pink goo over and over again to reveal handfuls of super soft lotion — pop till you drop!


10. Feelin’ fine & sandy!

Did you know that you can find beaches around the world with sands of all kinds of different colors?! From white to pink, green to red, and even black — there are tons of ways to see a rainbow of colors inside the sands in nature, and with the Made By Me® Ultimate Sand Art kit, you can transform colorful sands into works of art! Fill 10 fun-shaped bottles with layers and layers of sand colors — just add glitter to sparkle like the sea. Then, transform each bottle into silly characters with stickers and embellishments! Use the mixing stick to create fun patterns and designs, then put your sand art on display to watch it sparkle and shine!


11. Roll into a SLIMYSAND™ sea!

With 10 oz. of blue and green SLIMYSAND™ plus 2 super fun rollers and stampers, you can make a splash in a moldable, stretchable, expandable world under the sea! Squeeze and twist your SLIMYSAND™ colors together to make your own ocean, then use the rollers to take a deep dive under the sea or even blast off into space!


12. Make magical oozing bubbles!

Some bubbles mer-made to burst — like these Mermaid Ooz-O’s! Mix up a few simple ingredients to create shimmering, slimy spheres. Then, pop, squish, and squeeze the spheres to watch the oozy, shimmery centers turn into a whole new world of poppable bubbles! Mix and match tons of mermaid colors, like pinks, purples, blues, and greens to create magical hues and shades — then add sparkles for the brightest burst and crunch!


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