12 Fun Sensory Play Ideas

12 Fun Sensory Play Ideas

12 Fun Sensory Play Ideas

Everyone knows children learn as they play, but have you ever considered they’re also learning how to learn? Sensory exploration helps youngsters make sense of the world through hands-on discovery—it plays a critical role in development. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite sensory activities to stimulate the senses, strengthen fine motor skills, and encourage a child’s most natural form of expression: PLAY!



Make a “Splash” with Sand

It stretches, it expands, it takes shape—in and out of water! From 5 colorful sands to molds and tools, this 10-piece Slimy Sand Aqua Splash™ sensory playset takes the classic water table to a whole new level—it’s a must-have for summer!





Bath Time Fun

Scrub-a-dub-dub! The tub is the PERFECT place to explore painting, especially when they’re washable, non-toxic finger paints! Bring 2 double-sided Baby Shark posters to life with primary colors, or mix them in the palette to see what new shades you create! Don’t worry if your little artist goes off the page…this is a fun, tactile—and dissolvable—painting experience, so you can focus on the fun & not the clean-up.







Pour, Layer, Display

Fine-tune those motor skills when you funnel a rainbow of sands into the cutest bottles—yep, it’s Bluey sand art! Bring 5 Bluey and friends to life with 7 vibrant sand colors—watch the sand as you layer, then poke them with a tool to create cool patterns…hooray!





Fidget Toys Gone Stylish

Put a sensory spin on jewelry-making and journaling with Fidgiwear, functional accessories that double as fidget toys! Pop the super-soft silicone fidgets till you drop while you string beaded bracelets and write down your dreams—both are designed to keep hands busy and minds clear. When you’re done with one side of the fidget toy, flip it over and do it again! It’s a stylish, fun and never-ending win-win!





All the Tactile Materials

Sensory variety packs give you the freedom to explore your own DIY sensory activities. From foam balls to glitter, moldable sand and water beads, reach into 5 sensory compounds and feel the fun. Compare textures and ask little ones to describe what they’re feeling! Perfect for sensory bins, calm down jars, and hours of open-ended play.





A Reusable 3D Project

Develop fine motor skills through placement and touch with this bottle cap mandala activity using materials from home! Fill empty bottle caps with everything from pom balls to gemstones and even buttons, then dump and start again. With each design, you’re working on color coordination and pattern-making!






A World of Tactile Fun

Unicorns are magical…but so are sensory bins! From moldable sand to impression rollers and super sweet molds, dig in to create a world of unicorn adventures—all inside the storage case that doubles as a play station. 100% developmental fun, 0% mess!






Classic Craft Components, Endless Uses

With 1000+ arts & crafts supplies, you can make all sorts of tactile projects—like a fun woven, sensory loom! Toss beads and poms into a sensory bin, tickle your skin with rainbow feathers, and bend your way to tons of fuzzy stick creations. It’s a reusable case of learning and development at your fingertips!





Less-Mess Air-Dry Squishy Clay

Embrace all the benefits of squishing, molding, and sculpting clay without the mess! Mixy Squish is airy, fluffy clay that dries squishy and smooth, leaving a spongy, textured result. Use your imagination to create everything from sweet treats, unicorns, and rainbows, then engage in small world play long after you’ve finished each project! So easy, so fun!





Beaded Accessories in a “Snap!”

Skip the stringing and get right to the beading! Snap-together beads are great for toddlers to develop dexterity and strengthen hand-eye coordination—and the best part is that they pop together in a breeze! With over 500 chunky beads in a variety of shapes, colors and textures, this bead kit puts a stylish twist on sensory play. See how many fun patterns you can make!





Furry Friends

Everyone loves a plush, fuzzy keychain—but they’re even better when you make them yourself! Friendsies offer tie-dye without the mess! Use vibrant markers to color, blend, and create your own tie-dye unicorn & panda plush keychains, then take the warm, comforting feeling with you for whenever you need soft squeeze!






Supersize the Fun

Why play with any fidget toy when you can play with a JUMBO one instead?! This mega-size Squoosh-O’s balloon is the ultimate stress ball—and filling it is easy! Kids will watch in amazement as the water beads expand, and then enjoy calming effects with every squish and squeeze!



For kids, play isn’t just a necessity—play is powerful. Our sensory toys provide creativity you can feel—dive into your favorite, then snap a picture and tag us on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured on our pages!