11 Back-To-School Must-Haves

11 Back-To-School Must-Haves

11 Back-To-School Must-Haves

It might be hard to believe, but school is right around the corner! Nothing says the start of the school year than stocking up on school supplies and goodies to make your life easier (and more stylish!). Read on for the perfect list of must-haves to make the transition from summer to school something to look forward to.



Freeze a moment in time with a fun, reversible first and last day sign!

Capture that first-day magic and all the excitement of a new school year — then flip it over on the last day of school to see how they’ve grown! Not only does this wooden chalkboard sign include all the important details about your child (like their age, grade, and a few of their favorite things), but it’s also reusable and double-sided. Save the hassle of making a new sign each time — just wipe away the chalk to customize it again from year to year. And at 12 by 16-inches, it’s big enough to read in pictures or to prop on the table for a first-day celebration! Just don’t use chalk markers or paint — this sign is designed for standard chalk only.




Stay organized (and relaxed!) with a customizable journal set!

Journaling has benefits way beyond creative writing — it is a mindfulness practice, helps kids set and achieve goals, as well as relieves stress. And we’ve got great news — there’s a journal for all ages, from high school to elementary school! Jot down your memories or create to-do lists in a 70-sheet spiral journal, or make it all bite-sized with a mini version, featuring everyone’s favorite feline: Hello Kitty! With tons of accessories — from stickers to scrapbooking paper, and even keychains for your backpack — these journaling kits have everything to take you from a dreamer to a doer.




Soothe back-to-school nerves with a poppable sketchbook!

Doodling, drawing, and sketching just got even cooler thanks to a removable fidget toy that makes it all POP! This sketchbook puts a fun, sensory twist on traditional coloring and activity books — it comes with a poppable, silicon fidget toy you can use to keep your hands busy and your mind calm! Remove the rainbow fidget from the sketchbook’s cover, press the spheres to hear their satisfying sounds, then turn it over and pop again! Flip through 20 pages to find mindfulness activities, like get-to-know-you prompts, foldable fortune tellers, paper weaving, and color-your-own designs. Don’t forget to stick your style to each page with 100+ stickers — this will be a notebook all your classmates will want to get their hands on!




Swap old keychains for Tie-Dye Friendsies!

Soft, warm, fuzzy… These keychain friends are the best friends you’ll need for the first day of school and beyond. Don’t let the words “tie-dye” scare you away — this is a mess-free version with markers instead of dye! Easy to make, easy to accessorize, hard to be any cuter! Go ahead, give your backpack some love!




Stay hydrated…in style!

Whether you’re into Miraculous superheroez,  a four-legged friend named Bluey, or just want a chic STMT water bottle, there’s a DIY version for everyone! Decorate with stickers, add friendship bracelets, or color with markers (and watch the water bottle change color!) — staying hydrated has never been easier or more fun. Plus, each option is BPA-free and non-toxic… One less thing you need to worry about!




Make your own animal friends — the kind you can take to show and tell!

That’s right, it’s bead pets — the classic arts & craft activity that’s as popular as ever! From frogs to ladybugs and puppies, create keychains for your backpack, lunchbox, or keys to show off your beading skills (and your favorite animal!). This set has enough for you and your friends to mix and match, plus key rings and clips for easy display! As a bonus, keep all your supplies in the included storage case — no more loose beads! Parents rejoice!




Keep your locker organized!

It’s easy to let school lockers get cluttered, but with a handy DIY magnetic locker organizer, you can turn mess to spotless in seconds — and it all starts with an empty cereal box! With a little glue, craft sticks paint, and magnetic buttons, this storage caddy holds everything from pencils to lip gloss. Never get lost digging around a messy locker again!




Make a jaw-some pencil case!

Skip the boring boxes and bags, this shark pencil case will be the coolest in the school! Don’t be intimidated — we’ve got an easy-to-follow template for you to catch (no fishing pole required!). For little ones who might be nervous or are just starting school for the first time, it’s always helpful to have something from home. Make this shark craft together to bring a smile to their face every time they reach for a pencil!




Stock up your classroom (or craft room)!

Get ready and hold on tight — this is the motherload of craft supplies! This over 1000-piece Ultimate Box of Crafts is exploding with everything from pom balls to friendship thread, glitter glue, fuzzy sticks, and everything in between. Pair it with a variety of paintbrushes, like this 35-piece set that includes small and wide tips, foam stampers, and angled brushes, to complete your artist’s toolkit. And the best part is that you can keep it all neat and organized in the storage box to take it on the go!




Take a notebook from ordinary to extraordinary with stickers!

There are SOOOO many stickers in this sticker book! That’s right, enough for every subject binder, notes to your friends, or even school assignments. Stickers are the easiest way to personalize accessories — and with 1500+ to choose from, you can let your mood dictate whether you want a funky unicorn, chill smiley face, or some girl power!




Ditch the backpack for a messenger bag!

What you carry to and from school speaks volumes about your style — make a statement with a color-your-own unicorn messenger bag! Big enough for your essentials like books and binders, but small enough to fit in your locker — this unique-to-you alternative will put a little magic in back to school. Plus, the adjustable strap makes it great for kids of all shapes and sizes!



Don’t let the end-of-summer blues keep you down — with these awesome back-to-school supplies, you’ll be set up for a fun, successful academic year. Don’t forget to snap a picture of your back-to-school activities in action and tag us for a chance to be featured on our Instagram or Facebook pages!