10 Ways to Throw the Ultimate Garden Party!

10 Ways to Throw the Ultimate Garden Party!

10 Ways to Throw the Ultimate Garden Party!

Whether flowers are blooming or leaves are falling, creativity is always calling! From stepping stones to crystal terrariums and even custom portals into magical fairylands — let nature inspire you to create with 10 of our favorite indoor and outdoor activity kits!


1. Host a magical garden tea party!

Who says tea parties can only happen inside? With the Story Magic™ Tea Party Playset, you can enjoy tea time anytime and anywhere! Carry the wooden case to your garden, un-hook the latches, and find everything you need to play — from pink and gold teacups with matching saucers and plates to a beautiful teapot for imaginary tea! Make your tea party extra magical with storytime — fill in the blanks in the mini story maker to create your own meaningful tale.


2. Invite a super-soft unicorn to your party in the garden!

Bring the Story Magic™ Unicorn Dream Dollhouse to your next indoor or outdoor celebration to immerse yourself in a whimsical world where unicorns are real, enchanted castles are yours to decorate, and dreams come true! Make the magic official by filling out the super-soft, ultra-plush unicorn’s birth certificate — then decorate the wooden dollhouse with sparkly 3D stickers and starry garland to create the entryway into your imagination!


3. Create a pixie dream garden!

Paint and create some magic and watch it grow into a garden of pixie dreams! The Creative Roots™ Pixie Garden includes everything you need to make a miniature world of your own. Add real or artificial plants, moss, and soil to the 6.5-inch terrarium, place 3 hand-painted figurines inside, and watch your creativity come alive!


4. Let your creativity bloom alongside your favorite plants!

With the STMT D.I.Y. Crystal Terrarium, you can create a trendy, hanging garden! Sprinkle vibrantly-colored rocks inside the geometric glass, add sand and precious gemstones, then stick a faux plant or an air plant inside. Complement your creation with a few drops of soothing essential oils, and take a deep breath in as you hang your one-of-a-kind terrarium to bring a little relaxation to any environment.


5. Design mesmerizing wind spinners & watch your creativity in motion!

When you create Wind Spinners with Made By Me®, it’s easy to see how magical the great outdoors can be. Paint and decorate the metallic, three-dimensional wind spinners, hang them from a tree in your backyard, front porch, or anywhere in the garden, and watch your creativity sparkle and flow every time the wind blows!


6. Make 4 unique garden décor pieces!

Wind chimes, bird feeders, windmill bird homes, and custom birdhouses? The 4-in-1 Wooden Garden activity kit from Made Be Me® has all the essentials you need to transform your garden into a creative oasis! Follow the easy-to-understand instructions to learn how to assemble your bird sanctuaries, then paint and decorate them with beads, sparkles, and vibrant paint colors to attract all of the neighborhood birds — use red and pink for hummingbirds, orange for orioles, or blue for bluebirds! Don’t forget to add some birdseed to the feeder so your bird friends can have a snack in the garden with you!


7. Mix & mold your own garden stones!

Add pops of color to any indoor or outdoor garden space and create personalized Stepping Stones with Made By Me®! Whether you paint your favorite flowers and creatures on the stone or press your hand into the plaster to freeze a special moment in time, creating 4 stepping stones is easy as mix, fill, dry, and decorate!


8. Transform 5 ready-to-paint stones into rockin’ pets!

From lovely ladybugs to buzz-worthy bumblebees and friendly frogs, there are endless ways to paint your favorite creatures to life with the Creative Roots™ Rock Pets set! Mix and match 6 vibrant paint colors to design fun patterns and details on 5 premium rocks — then add wiggly eyes to make them come alive!



9. Every garden needs a gnome — why not create your own?!

With a dash of color and a little imagination, you can transform an 8-inch gnome into a whimsical garden accessory. Create every color of the rainbow by mixing up the primary paint colors, and paint the details to life! From a red hat to a yellow flannel and snowy white beard, this little gnome will be the perfect addition to your home!


10. Design a custom portal into a magical fairy world!

Tap into your Creative Roots™ and discover all of the mystical places it can take you when you Paint Your Own Fairy Door! Mix and match vibrant colors to create different hues and shades, then paint them onto the mystical fairy door to customize it. When you’re all done creating the entryway to a magical world, place the fairy door in your garden, at the base of a tree, or anywhere inside, and let your imagination take the lead!


Inside or outside, summer or fall, there are endless ways to embrace your creativity and connect to the world around you — imagination and all. What’s your favorite garden party essential? Snap a photo during your next crafting session using #HomemadeWithHorizon and tag @horizongroupusa to be featured on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages!