10 Ways to Let Your Creativity Soar Indoors!

10 Ways to Let Your Creativity Soar Indoors!

10 Ways to Let Your Creativity Soar Indoors!

Creativity knows no limits and has no boundaries — even when you’re inside! If you’re looking for some ways to spark your imagination and get creative at home, you’ve come to the right place! From journaling to sensory stress relief, read on to find everything you need to let your creativity soar indoors!


1. Invent something new!

If you could invent anything, what would you create? What if we told that some of the world’s best inventions could be created with materials you already have at home? From craft stick racing cars to catapults and even pinball machines — the ThinkBox Inventor’s Box, available at Target, gives aspiring engineers endless opportunities to innovate. With over 700 supplies along with everyday household items, plus an easy-to-follow project guide, get ready to learn the ins and outs of the engineering design process as you strengthen creative problem-solving and foster open-ended play.


2. Dive into stress-relieving sensory fun!

Did you know that the repeated pattern of squeezing and releasing a stress ball is proven to alleviate stress and tension? Or that playing with slime can release endorphins, a natural chemical in the body that relieves stress and pain? Whether you create your own Squoosh-O’s™ stress balls or discover how fun it is to mix and create your own SLIMYGLOOP® — it’s easy to take sensory play to the next level! Feel like getting straight to the fun without mixing simple ingredients? Snag some pre-made slime and ready-to-mix embellishments with SLIMYGLOOP® Mix’Ems, or feel the difference with buckets and buckets of SLIMYSAND™ from Michael’s!


3. Transform your home into a soothing spa zone!

Breathe in, breathe out, repeat. Indulge in the ultimate self-care day and pamper yourself with soothing salt scrubs, shimmering body lotions, and even roller perfumes — all created by you. Then, set the tone for real relaxation with custom-made candles that soothe the heart and the mind. With fragrances like lavender, sweet orange, and rose — plus customizable tins with trendy stickers — it’s easy to light up the love for a special day in with the STMT D.I.Y. Custom Candles Set.


4. Or transform your windows into works of art!

With a bit of special paint and a whole lot of creativity, you can create your own window art that transforms sunlight into rainbows! Choose from 12 suncatcher shapes and plan out your design — use the box for ideas and inspiration, or create something totally unique! Let your creativity soar as you mix and match colors designs and patterns with paint pens and tubes. Then, use the included cording and suction cups to hang your suncatchers on any window or glass surface!


5. Journal and scrapbook and journal some more!

Is there anything more special than a daily reminder of days filled with happiness and love? Keep your favorite memories in the spotlight with your very own Trolls Light-Up Scrapbook. Complete with colorful stickers, shimmering gemstones, printed pages, punch-out sheets, and more — this scrapbooking set is a creative, interactive way to replay the memories that make your heart happy over and over again. Or, try your hand at lettering and transform your handwriting into a work of art inside your STMT journal. Whether you capture a special moment in time or use your journal as a safe space to record your thoughts, there are no rules in the journaling world, except to use it in a way that works best for you!


6. Design your own line of customizable jewelry & accessorize with a purpose!

Who says cards are the only way to show someone special you care about them? Making meaningful jewelry is as easy as A-B-C! Weave, knot, braid, and bead a variety of cording to create personalized jewelry with a stylish touch. Or, use a few small pendants to create a line of accessories with big meanings. Whether you’re an experienced jewelry-maker or this is your first time considering the craft, the STMT D.I.Y. Purpose Pendant set is the perfect way to create meaningful gifts that your loved ones can cherish for years to come.


7. Become a magician or channel your inner chemist!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a master magician? Or how many ways you can turn your kitchen into an extreme chemistry laboratory? With a Box of Magic and a box of every chemist’s go-to science tools, you can do both! ‘WOW’ any audience — mom and dad, brother and sister, dog and cat — with 50 different magic tricks, then put your science skills to the test!


8. Paint ‘n decorate!

From discovering new ways to use color and creating the perfect palette to exploring a new painting medium, paint is an exciting compound that allows us to color our worlds! Head outside to your backyard or visit your closest Walmart to snag some rocks that you can transform into totally unique works of art. Or, step into a whole new world of lively color patterns and details with a ready-to-paint stepping stone or magical unicorn. When it comes to painting, the creative opportunities are endless — and there’s always something special with every stroke.


9. Weave your way into a new skill!

Nothing compares to the feeling of completing a handmade project — and when it comes to weaving, endless creativity is in your hands! Whether you learn how to master weaving with a loom and craft loops or just by using your fingers, put a modern twist on a classic craft, and learn a new skill that will never get old.


10. Recycled crafts!

At Horizon Group USA, we believe creativity is everywhere — even in recyclables! Transform an empty paper towel roll into a puppet or a telescope. Use leftover coffee pods to create some beautiful, abstract art! Before you go ahead and buy new craft supplies, raid your recycling bins, and head over to Craft Project Ideas for some creative inspiration on reducing, reusing, and recycling in a way that stimulates the imagination and sparks creativity.


Who says staying inside has to be boring? Whether you’re near or you’re far, creative inspiration is always close-by!