10 Mer-Mazing Ways to Play!

10 Mer-Mazing Ways to Play!

10 Mer-Mazing Ways to Play!

Calling all mermaid lovers! Are you looking for a new way to make a splash at home?! From treasure hunts to tie-dye and mer-mazing science experiments, check out these 10 ways to make waves!


1. Go on a Magical Mermaid Treasure Adventure!

Take a dive under-the-sea and go on mystical adventures with the Story Magic Mermaid Treasure Adventure Set! As soon as you open the wooden treasure chest, you’ll find a beautiful mermaid with pearls, beads, and golden threads to mix, match, and make your own jewelry. Find more hidden treasures to keep inside your chest by digging through the layers of vibrant sand with the mini shovel! Then, open up the treasure map to find even more magic — just follow the lines to explore new places, and roll the dice to meet new faces! Bring your story to life by filling in the mini story maker and discover the places your imagination can take you!


2. Swim into a Whole New World of Creativity!

This dreamy mermaid bank puts a whimsical spin on traditional treasure chests — paint on the magic! Explore the art of color-mixing and combine metallic paint colors to create amazingly aquatic hues and patterns — discover the wonder in every stroke! After the paint dries, you’re ready for some sparkle — peel the protective covering from the back of the sequin mermaid tail decal and stick on the shine! Keep your mermaid bank in a safe place to save your treasures – before you know it, you’ll have enough for a mer-mazing adventure!


3. Design To-Dye-For Mermaid Apparel!

With the Mer-Mazing Tie-Dye kit from Just My Style®, you can transform ordinary fabrics into trendy tie-dye mermaid wear! From rainbow swirls to stylish sunbursts, learn how to create 15 beautiful tie-dye designs with easy-to-follow instructions and mermaid-inspired dyes! Then, when you’re all finished dyeing, bring a little something extra to your creations with a fin-tastic iron-on transfer!


4. Make a Splash in a Sparkly SLIMYGLOOP® Ocean!

Discover how fun it is to play in a gorgeous gooey ocean with Mermaid SLIMYGLOOP® Mix’Ems! Skip the mess and get straight to the fun — just remove the pre-made SLIMYGLOOP® from the container and mix in the dreamy embellishments! Fold the mermaid’s pearls into the teal-colored SLIMYGLOOP® for a super charming crunch. Then, play sensory iSpy with the holographic seashells — stretch to find them in the sparkling slew of slime! To take your shine to the next level, sprinkle in a little extra sparkle!


5. Or, Create Your Own Mermaid SLIMYGLOOP®!

For the most mystical sensory experience, make your own mermaid SLIMYGLOOP®! Mix up the magic by combining simple ingredients that transform into ooey-gooey SLIMYGLOOP®! Experiment with the components to create a slimy sea or an outrageous ocean until you find your favorite consistency. Squish it, squeeze it, stretch it, and twist it — then add beautiful beads and sparkly sequins for a terrific texture and crunch!


6. Sketch & Create a Mermaid World!

There’s a world of mermaid fun waiting for you inside My Mer-Mazing Sketchbook by Just My Style®! Squeeze and squish the sparkly shell on the cover as you open up the sketchbook to find dozens of ways to get creative! From caticorns to compasses and dreamy rainbows, color in over 20 designs on every page to bring them all to life. Then, give your sketchbook some sticker love! Mix and match over 50 stickers to add a little extra flair to every page — or stick them onto your other accessories, like a phone case or a lunchbox!


7. Have Fun with All Your Mermaid Friends!

With pops of color, dashes of glitter, and a touch of imagination, you can paint a mermaid — and all her friends — to life! Complete with 3 ready-to-paint ceramic figurines, the Made By Me® Unicorn & Friends set makes it easy to explore your creativity. Mix paint colors to make magical shades, hues, and patterns on a mermaid, unicorn, and rainbow cloud, then put your friends on display and shell-abrate! 


8. Seas the Day in a SLIMYSAND™ Paradise!

Rolling waves. Hidden treasure. Stellar sandcastles. With 3 lbs. of pre-made SLIMYSAND™ in 3 different colors — plus 9 molds and rollers — you can dive into your very own moldable, stretchable, expandable sea world, without the mess! Pack any color SLIMYSAND™ into the seashore mold, and gently lift the play tray to reveal your mermaid sanctuary. Then, make a splash with fun creations that mold like sand and stretch like SLIMYGLOOP®! From silly sea creatures to magical mermaids — this reusable set makes for hours and hours of under-the-sea fun — and easy cleanup!


9. Strut Your Mermaid Style!

Whether you’re in the halls or on video calls, you can always strut your style with this ready-to-customize mermaid messenger bag! Use any of the 5 bright markers to color in the trendy graphics and patterns — then get your sparkle on with adhesive gemstones! Throw the messenger bag over your shoulder and make waves wherever you go!


10. Conduct Mer-Mazing Experiments!

Get ready to explore the wonders of water — and the science behind it — with 10 mer-mazing experiments! The YOUniverse® Mermaid Matter Laboratory brings science and art together, so every little learner can discover how beautiful learning can be! Watch a mermaid dance as you put real-world science theories to the test. Defy the laws of gravity by learning how density and surface tension work. Have a bubbly blast as you create simple chemical reactions. Our amazing YOUniverse is full of wonder, and when you dive into the Mermaid Matter Laboratory, you can explore it all!


The world is your oyster, and you are the pearl — show us the magic of your mermaid mania! Snap an action shot while you play and create to post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter — tag @horizongroupusa to be featured on our pages!